[WIP] Deathrun! (Yet another! It's not 100% the same I promise)


Here is some suggestions:

Pointshop 1&2 Support (And for other leading competitors)
Roll the dice built in.
Allowing the use of a single player to do runs on his/her own (ConVar)
Integrate CS:S weapon pack into it. (Optional ConVar)

Thanks, I’ll add these to the to-do list

So far this is looking really good, some suggestions I thought would be nice in the gm if I think of more I’ll post them later.

Add Re Die
Add an option to open the players steam profile on the scoreboard.

nice work dude

I may have an idea you can use for button claiming.

If a player that is on the Death team is x units from a func_button, create an invisible barrier around the playe until they move away.

  • Possible support for ULX or Evolve in the scoreboard to manage players (kick, ban etc.)
  • Maybe do a ending screen with the players name, prize, and some balloons floating around!

the gamemode lets you practice in godmode if nobody else is on the server. there’s also a respawn command (!r or !respawn) if you get stuck.

(warning: music)


Looks really cool, I’ll jump in the suggestion bandwagon and add that you could make the end/start time you? And maybe get points depending on the time, or at least have a leaderboard with the best times, kinda like with Gravious’ defunct deathrun gamemode.

I like the idea of earning points for the time completed, but I see a problem with having a leaderboard of times because the death could just idle and let his friend complete the map for easy scores. I may add different rewards for first, second, and third place by keeping track of a global score for that map. First place would get X points, second place would get 2*X/3 points, and third would get X/3 points. This would also increase as the number of players (and hence number of deaths) increases, so there’s a higher reward when the game is more difficult.

Well then you can just make it so it only records time when theres more then 1 death or more than a set number of players and allow admins to remove times from the leaderboard also you should add an anti-afk system unless you’ve already done that.

I see this a lot in deathrun. (Deaths Idle because they don’t want to be death.) Can you make it so that if they idle too long they get team swapped and kicked, or something along those lines. (I would make this optional as well.

That would be nice. @Arizard maybe you could put a menu for the superadmin to choose what happens to the AFK death/runner and maybe make it that they lose points or whatever they gain.

I plan to have some sort of system to punish “death avoiders” (leaving while death, idle while death). Either they are barred from the next 3 rounds, or they are banned for a short amount of time (configurable).

Perhaps you can make it so they have the option to opt-out from being a Death? A bit like how TTT you can opt-out from being a Detective. I guess the only time you would want to force them to be a Death is if by chance everyone in the server opted-out.

Great looking gamemode so far.

I don’t think this would work:

  1. Someone opts out from being death
  2. The rest of the server therefore becomes Death more frequently
  3. More people opt-out of being Death
  4. The remaining players are now almost always Death
  5. They get sick of it and opt-out
  6. Everyone’s opted out, so we just choose Deaths how we normally would
  7. Back to square one

Currently the way it picks Deaths ensures that nobody is death more than 2 rounds in a row, so they are less likely to complain about being Death too often.

I have tested in and so far I’m loving it. Maybe you could add a special weapon for death like a scythe

Not to sound like I’m putting this down or anything, but Deathrun will usually always be the same game, just different HUDs and weapons. Nonetheless, I look forward to see what becomes of this.

:OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, how about a jukebox where you can play music ingame.

Hi, I just created my first Deathrun server and installed your gamemode. It seems to be working fine although it says I take damage but I don’t seem to be taking any, i am not admin on there. Any ideas?