WIP: DMC Delorean

So i’ve made a bunch of never finished sculpts, i figured this time i’ll start a thread and see if that helps me finish something, cause i really wanna see this baby done! Right now i’ve just got he front end sculpted, tomarrow i’ll work on the body and rear end, and a friend of mine will help with the wire… By the time we’re done, it may even use a Warp Drive to zip about space build, or fly!

Okay, second try, today’s Progress: I found alot of Nicer props, and the parented front end makes a fantastic Delorean Popsicle! =D

Older Model:

if there isn’t a back 2 the future version, some teeth will be kicked inwards

If it doesn’t go BTTF, i will kick my own teeth inwards… o.O And strain my legs in the process

Hope OP finishes it.

Looks promising, keep it up.

Updated the first post with some more progress! =D

Uh, the windshield border-things are getting too thick, looks like somewhat armored vehicle now lol.

The perfect prop was that Xqm bar thing, but it’s got this GARGANTUAN amount of verticies, which is stupid, cause it’s a box… =.= That was the next smallest bar… the Super Flat bars are too thin, but i guess i could figure something out… i’m already at 96 props D=

There still are PHX/Tile bars from [PHX] Useful and Explosive props.

Those are the bars from the useful explosive section! xD

i thought this was going to be yet another one of those car models with a hover drivce on it

good work, looks promising

Looks good ,expect the size.

Dont worry about the number of props, you can just parent the whole thing when finished.

Well i’ve found that the Parenting tool on McBuild’s space build servers works the best, but they have a prop limit of say, 200 i think… So i’d like to keep it below that so i can actually spawn it and parent proper. Though i’d also like to make a really basic body thats less than 50 props so i can spawn it in like, Rp servers, or Naval servers as well.

I do not think you are going to accomplish such a task with <50 props. Try the Multi Parent stool on the TT servers/Zeos’s server. We have parented well over 500+ props with no problem. There is a point though when ADV Dupe can only spawn in a certain amount at once. I would recommend making the body two parented pieces that you spawn in separate, place together and drive.

Using, like, 10 times the props, i managed to achieve this result… Whaddya think, too bubbly or just right?

Nah, its good

Holy shit, someone is actually doing it… I never thought it possible… You sir, are epic.

The things turning into a mess… i’m starting from scratch to see if it looks better… I’ve also found a better collection of reference pics, so it should look better >.>

Look great, keep it up!