[WIP] Eagle River

This is a work in progress for my latest map, Eagle River Power Station. Inspired by the very ‘steam-punk’ photography of the real Eagle River power station, a circa 1915 coal power station, I have begun creation of this map. Eagle River isn’t its real name, it’s a name given to it by the photographer to keep its location a secret. I’m sure someone knows where it is, but for want of keeping the photographs original, keep it to yourself please.

The photographs to which I refer can be found here: Corrosive Industry

And here’s a screenshot of my progress so far. Note that whilst Eagle River is my inspiration, it isn’t my intention to replicate it, my map is completely of my own creation and isn’t meant to look the same, or share the same layout.


Large Image

Let me know what you guys think, what sort of map this should be (ie a garrysmod map, css map, what style etc) and any suggestions/criticisms you have. Yeah it’s still very early on. I’m a long way from being a pro mapper, so I’m doing the best I can with what skills I have. My main objective is to preserve the very abandoned, lifeless atmosphere of the station seen in the photographs above.


Here’s some pics of my progress. Still need a purpose for this map… and a way to explain how an abandoned power station still has lights :S






Looks pretty cool, Needs a lil’ more detail on the building at the back but other than that it looks pretty good… :3:

Have added a hallway and rooms up the back, also a basement type thing with more machines in it… still need an objective of what to actually use this map for :S

also, any ideas on how to illuminate the areas I just mentioned? Its not like I can put lights in, the power station is abandoned…

Why do I always get this problem:


As you can see on the pipes in the foreground, the shadow from the ‘overpass’ doesn’t cast on it, and the pipe going underneath it is entirely in shadow, even on the far side of the overpass where it is in direct sun.

Obviously it’s a lighting option thing where I have to set it to be light mapped instead of whatever it is now… anyone know how I do that?

You can’t, models are lit differently.
You have to be careful with prop placement, as all props are lit by their origin, so if their origin is in light then they will be lit all over, and if it’s in shadow, then they are not.

Looking very nice. Can we get some more screenshots from different angles?


hey its hiddenmyst :smiley: its shadow man! long time no see!

Where do I put -staticproplighting?

Press F9, go to Expert compile mode, select vrad, put it in the bigger box before the other commands, and compile.
Please note -staticproplighting doesn’t work with models that use bumpmaps.

omg love you. That looks so much better!


Update OP with more pictures.