[WIP]Fallout Rp (Need Staff)

We are nearly finished planning part of the gamemode.We have some models and mappers ready.

Our Staff;

Project Leaders:



Sparks Darkfox(Bili999 Fp Name)

We Are Looking For:
1-2 Coders
1 Modeler

The Project;

There is going to be a character system that saves the character you wont be able to change your faction after you created your character.You can have maximum 4 characters.There is going to be skills for create items,survive.In each faction they have their own ranks.For rank up in your faction,our active admins are going to be able to rank you up.Every faction will have different creating skills like the thing that one faction create cant be created by another faction.


BoS(Brotherhood of Steel)
Vault Dwellers

Faction Ranks:

For BoS;

For Outcasts:

For Vault Dwellers:
-Vault Dweller
-Vault Officer

For Ghouls:
-Ghould Roamers

Thank you in advance :smiley:

So what have you actually done?

We found our sweps,models,playermodels.And planning the gamemode is at %90.We just need a coder for finish it.

What do you mean with found? So you have just came up with some ideas.

And Mapping has started

So Tuvan, Your basically just the Idea guy? You just sit and eat donuts all day while the other guys actually do the work? And I assume by you say " Found " You mean copied others people work and put it into your own. Try creating a complete gamemode from scratch, See what kind of task your up for.

I smell the blood of an Ideas Guy,
Be he alive, or be he dead
I’ll have his bones to grind my bread.

So what makes me want to join your team? Your wall of text, Get something visual done, and you will gain support.

Noob, I have pretty pictures on my gamemode thread xD

sorry mate I’m too busy with RE and a hidden gamemode to help, I’ve already been approached for multiple projects.

Lawl, Wasn’t offering u to join :stuck_out_tongue: Just saying I have pretty pictures xD

that doesn’t rhyme.
also, I once did a gamemode for an ideas guy.
never. again. he said ‘ok thanks for making my gamemode’ ‘wait, but I made it’ ‘well it was my idea’

Oh, getting a bit full of myself, I haven’t looked at your thread yet either :P.No more off topic 4 me, idea guys are retarded and think they can own their ideas.

I might just create a few plugins for my gamemode that do most of those things described :3

Also, sorry for rating you Noobulater, I didn’t see which button I hit :<


Imma rate you Agree instead of Useful :3

Unoriginal, and lacking in any moderately interesting features. Sorry, but many others have got much closer to successful Fallout mods, and they were brimming with fantastic ideas and features. there’s probably one a page or two back on the forum page.

What? We’re on the first page (Noxfallout). :stuck_out_tongue:

Agree with above :smiley:

Kinda sick :smiley: I luv this ! RPG is great, also custom models makes it better !

You know, nobody’s actually making this.