[WIP] Flawless Load- A Garry's Mod Loading Screen!


Easy configuration.
Music System. (Enable/Disable)
Changing Backrounds.
Color Themes.
Adjusted for all resolutions.
Download/Loading Bar
Rules & Description.

PHP Supported (Webhosting)
Minimal knownledge of configurating files

Drag and drop flawlessload into your web host.
Place any backrounds into the /images folder.
Edit the config file in config.php & index.php


#1 - http://www.mediafire.com/download/qapswo7cqb34xs9/flawless-load.zip

Looks beautiful :slight_smile:

Thanks <3

You decided to put this up for free after getting banned on scriptfodder. Nice

What’s wrong with that? He’s free to do with his script/code as he wants

Yep, thank you tyguy <3

Instead of giving him hate u should be thanking him as this used to before cost money and is now giving it for free.

I said nice for a reason

Oh sorry, We thought you were being mean, If you read your comment a few times it sounds kinda like you meant it in a mean way, but thank you anyways!

Doesn’t support people with long names

The Mediafire link works. However, the Dropbox link does not. No problem, but I thought you should know.

Wow, nice. Looks really slick and clean. I’m happy for you man :smiley:

Really great, works like a charm and looks neat too.

But I was wondering how, say, one would change the font of like, the title? There’s a folder, so upload your font, and editing the .config? or? :huh: