WIP Gamemode: "The CyBorg" Discussion and Ideas Thread

Hello, fellow facepunchers. I’ve begun work on my next gamemode, called “The CyBorg”. It’s kind of like a single player or coop version of The Hidden. If you’ve heard of the Hidden or other Gmod gamemodes like it, like The Stalker by nüke, you’ll probably know the premise of this gamemode.

However, instead of a multiplayer-only gamemode, it can be played offline. The CyBorg (Basically the hidden) will be controlled by a NextBot AI in this case.

This gamemode is meant to put pressure on the SAS team(They fight the Cyborg), the team the players get to control. SAS members have no crosshair and only have HUD that shows them their health and armour.

The SAS has an armament of primary weapons, secondary weapons, and tools at their disposal.


M416 Rifle(HK416)
KRISS Vector
Remington 870

Glock 18

Bio-scanner(Scans for signs of life; lets you see the stalker while you have it equipped)
Tripwire alarm(When the stalker walks past it, you hear an alarm go off)

The gamemode can also be played cooperatively, with every player being a SAS member.

Should you have any questions on the mechanics or ideas, don’t hesitate to comment about them. Thanks for reading!

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If you don’t have any questions then I’d say this should be in the addon/gamemode releases subforum.

Oh. I wasn’t releasing it(it’s not even close to finished), so I thought I should post it here…