[WIP] Garrymon (Garry's Mod Pokemon) From the Ashes!

I figure that I’m far enough and have enough time invested in this that it’s worth creating its own thread.
And now that Garry is working on the new movement system for NPC’s it will make my life a HELL of a lot easier (that is what stopped production on this before)
Garry’s Mod Pokemon Addon
**aka **Garrymon!

https://dl.dropbox.com/u/9780864/Garrymon Banner.png

Q: What is the Garrymon Addon?
A: With the Garrymon Addon you’ll be able to capture any NPC in Garry’s Mod and (hopefully) be able to control them and have them fight along side you

Q: Will there be a separate battle system for the Garrymon?
A: No. At least not at first. They will fight like normal but will always be passive towards everyone until either you shoot an enemy or they shoot you.

Q: How many Garrymon will you be able to have at once?
A: Same as the games: 6

Q: Does this work with SNPC’s and other custom NPC’s?
A: Right now it does. The capturing will work fine no matter what type of NPC it is so long as it registers with Entity:IsNPC(). Controlling custom ones might take some work but it should theoretically be possible.

Q: How are the capture rates determined?
A: Right now I am using a slightly modified version of the 2nd Gen Pokemon series (Gold/Silver) to determine captures. It works pretty well but it definitely needs refinement.

Q: Can I help you test this?
A: Nah. If I need testers I’ll ask later.

**Basic Capturing
Throwing weapon
**-UI for captured Garrymon
-Movement/following/battle system for Garrymon
-Capture effects (could really use help on this, if anyone knows how to make particle effects)

Basic vanilla NPC capture:

https://dl.dropbox.com/u/9780864/Basic Capture.webm[/vid]

[vid]https://dl.dropbox.com/u/9780864/Custom NPC Capture.webm

Model: Megadude on Gamebanana http://tf2.gamebanana.com/skins/64343
Sounds: I’ll find the link on this in a bit, it was so long ago that I found these that I can’t remember
Banner/Weapon Select Icon: Stiveno

There needs to be a way to see NPC health then, otherwise it would be difficult to capture them…

Hopefully a battle system gets implemented xD

You can sort of tell their health from the percentage, you just kind of have to learn where it starts when they spawn to where it stops once they die. But I might add a health bar.

put this together in 5 minutes: http://imgur.com/JlitS0q

Thanks but its a tad too dark, and is really just some Pokeballs with a coolvetica font =/ I prefer lighter themes over dark ones. With that modern “sharp edge” kinda feel.

In the process of doing a bunch of icons and banner and stuff

And now belt balls!


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And now I’m just getting silly


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Are there any features in this that people really WANT to see be implemented? I can try to do some sort of dual system, but would have to create a giant table for each entity class, and if you wanted to dual with a custom entity they would have to have a table made for them.

Or, if you can, make a MySQL Database with all of them in it… “The PokèDex.”

The “GarrèDex”?

That would be a neat idea, at least for the base ones. That way the server owner can modify the tables if they want, and be able to add new NPC’s if they want. I can make some sort of in game tool to create the table. The only thing I can see taking a LONG time are any sort of attack effects. And seeing as how I am rancid with creating effects, this might take some time unless I can get some help on this.

Not sure if these help you at all but maybe somehow overlay these onto npcs?

http://www.spriters-resource.com/gameboy_advance/pokefrlg/pkmnfrlg_effects.png[/t] [t]http://www.spriters-resource.com/gameboy_advance/pokefrlg/stateffects.png

you can find more here

Well…A project like this is a pretty big job anyway. However, I don’t know MySQL well enough to help out, otherwise I would. It’s still a better way to store the data vs. a giant local table.

Well I’m going to be using SQL to store each players individual captured GMon anyway, so having another table wont be that big of a deal. It really isn’t that difficult to do.

However the table that I was referring to would simply be something like this:

GMonDualNPCs = {
        Antlion = {
                Class = "npc_antlion",
                Type = GMON_TYPE_BUG,
                BaseHealth = 50,
                Attack1 = ATTACK_SLASH,
                Attack2 = ATTACK_FLY,
                Attack3 = ATTACK_RAPIDSTRIKE,
                Attack4 = ATTACK_DIG

Using corresponding ENUM’s where applicable. This way the tables could just reference a single data point of all the monster types, the attacks, all of that stuff, and they’re easy to create.

Hmmm. So it’s just that there are a ridiculous amount of GarryMon that you need to make tables for. I see.

Well there aren’t TOO many default NPCs to worry about, and I have some of them as uncatchable (for various reasons. i.e. the turret, not a plausible thing to “tame”. Also the rollermine isn’t catchable due to how I am doing the catch rate percentage. (They don’t have “health”))

But when people install NPC packs thats when things get messy. I’ll leave it to them to create those tables.

The funny thing is that theres a actual machinma about garrymon u know?

that song in the beginning almost gave me a brain aneurysm

Why is that a thing… It gives my project a bad name

Is anyone good at writing effects that wants to help me out with something?