[WIP] Germany Streets

This is going to be my first official map.

Something I cooked up in a few hours.

Some fucked up bridge, more to come for it =D

A house

Inside of the house

Part of the street

Soon to come, a new military building



It’s really blurry.

Fail to see the point of the map, what is it for, ZS?
Miss aligned textures, blocky looking and bad lighting.
Pictures taken with blur or other effect can’t hide that.
Just my C&C.

Blur doesent hide your bad maps bad parts and make it better, try film grain.(like used in L4D)

What purpose does this map serve?
Do not open this, you have been warned.

Oh no it’s hitler now the FBI is gonna arrest me!

It’s relevant to the thread. Make some old nazi stuff

You tried? :\

Honestly, why would we refer this to German streets?
Try harder.

Oh, and please do not edit the pictures or whatever’s the cause of the blur. It makes it hard to criticize.

I never knew Germany was so dark, blocky and simplistic.

I never knew Germany was so blurry.


He got pretty fucked up in Inglorious Basterds. Thank god for that!

I really like that realistically shaped hole you’ve got there on pic 2

You need to place come cubemaps, that chair shouldn’t be shiny at all.

Why is it so damn blurry?