[WIP] Gm_1024box

Check the picture section for infomation

Next version might be final version, if not, the verison after that will be.

You need EP2, and might possibly need CSS

Plenty of pictures this time around…

First off, the spawn. Nothing cool here, just a flatgrass spawn with a little bit more eyecandy

This is the waterhole, behind the spawn. It’s simple enough

Some [del]awesome[/del] fairly average hills.

The box room and moveable platform. I’m sure most of you know what it is now

A closeup of the box room. Now you can see inside from the top!

The moveable platform, with button…

…that can completely submerge into the ground

A big displacement hill, which I totally did not just copy one corner around four times

An overview of the entire map.
** BUGS **
-There may be some small displacement glitches, but I think i’ve got most of them

Version 0.8
-Correctly texture-shifted the box room grate roof and changed some displacements
-Re-textured all the ground
-3D Skybox!
-Fixed the lighting, dont know what the heck happened to it…
Version 0.7
-Completely merged everything
-Complete redo of the platform
-Completely new areas
-At least 30% bigger than before
Version 0.5
-Two completely new areas!
-One is similar to the big area, but different, of course
-The other is a customisable area, as seen in Gm_Botmap (v2 i believe) and Gm_Wireconstruct_Rc
-Texture changes
-Attempting to fix the spawnpoint launcher.
Version 0.3
-No more Dev textures!
-Added displacements
-Added water
-Fixed teleporters
-Removed floating platform’s walls
-Removed wall-teleport, added regular teleport
-Fixed up alot of textures
-Added proper cubemaps

Version 0.1

no piccy no clicky fixed

Hey, pics are coming, I just need to take them :3

You should have done that before you made the thread.

Probably, but it’s done now
I’ll remember that for future reference

Why is everything dev textured?

There are platforms floating in space, textures used on blocks when they look better on either faces or as sprites. The whole things has the atmosphere of rushed.

0|/|G |_|R |/|4P 15 G|-|3Y

No seriously, this is not very good at all.
a good improvement would be getting rid of dev textures.
also, work on the lighting and the jumppad texture is kinda wierd too.

Dev textures are cool.

Map is shit ban OP

(User was banned for this post ("Not Constructive Criticism / Trolling" - Terrenteller))

User is troll, ban user.

As I said, it won’t be dev textured when it’s finished. I will fix that up, yeah

If I knew how to make custom textures, I would, but I don’t, so I can’t


Just because a map is shit doesn’t mean the OP is going to be banned. Not all of us are super-mapping-epic-godlike and can remake gm_mobenix in 1/2 of a second.

What The Fuck is this?
What’s point of that ring if you fall through side of it?
Also that it’s a DEV textures doesn’t mean they are supposed to be some crap placed.
You should adjust them to look right. (that would look nicer)

I’m currently working on an update to remove all the dev textures, add displacements, fix bugs, various stuff like that. If you have any suggestions now would be the time to add them.

The ring has the same point of the floating platform in gm_construct_flatgrass

I’ll add a button to toggle the solidity of the ring walls


Had a couple of leaks, but its all fixed now (to the disappointment of those people who just want this map to go die, hehe)

New version uploaded!

do fish get thirsty? stop using goddamn imageshack!

They do, I see my fish sneaking to the fridge to get bottled water.

Didn’t imply that you could. But you have a lot of practice to go through before you can release a map here with FP’s standards.

Yeah, probably.
Well, i’m working on an update, so some people might actualy download my map

Whats the point of the map?

Random dicking around, or building, like most other “gm” maps