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Ok ok I know what some of you are thinking, and I can’t make any promises of a nice and timely release, or this to be show/movie accurate, but it will be fun to mess around in. That and I’m making the map partly based off a movie blueprint of the ship.

Also note: I’m not specifically making serenity, just a firefly class ship, so don’t expect the crew quarters to have all the little person specific customizations, although I might do a few.

Current Stats.
Proper Doors - 90% Had to add this, I got the shape right although I just have to make the current newest door(There’s 4 different variations currently throughout the ship) a little taller to be able to be walked through without crouching.
Cargobay - 60%
Front Hall - 40%
Common Area/Kitchen - 40%
Rear Hall - 40%
Bridge - 20%
Infirmary - 5% Nothing besides a room that I could put the staircase up to the rear hall and a stand in for the actual infirm.
Engine Room - 20%
Crew Dorms - 10%
Guest Quarters - 10%
Airlocks to shuttles - Not Started
Shuttles - Not Started

Now that we got that out of the way, pics.
Cargo Bay - That circular structure over the door to the infirmary is the Grav wave amplifier which is from the movie version of Serenity. I’m thinking of redoing the gangways/catwalks to make them slightly wider.

Those standing things with the screens are stand ins for the buttons to open the cargo door and bomb bay.

Front Hall - Currently the connecting piece of the bridge, common area, and the cargo bay below it. Still need to build the crew quarters off of it along with the armory under the bridge.

Common Area/Kitchen - Sort of bare, have the roof and observation lounge pretty much finished, everything else such as the actual kitchen/sink area, the main table, pantry and airlocks are unfinished though.

Rear Hall - Connects infirmary below it to the Engine room and common area.

Bridge - Pretty bare, haven’t even done the ceiling and windows yet, just have the main parts blocked out.

Outside view - Showing how it all falls together.

New pics further down the page.

Looks good.

I like it.

Looks good. Keep it up and you may have a palette.

Anyway, is this taken from a movie or something?

Tv series that a movie later called Firefly.

I got the idea to start making something like this.
A friend of mine got me into the series a month ago, and I’m hooked to no end right now. :slight_smile:

Good luck if you’re planning to take this somewhere seriously. Keep us updated; I’ll comment on it once there’s enough actual content (at the moment it’s really just a bare skeleton with dev textures, I’d rather wait until it’s nice and polished up. Until then, you have some nice brushwork going. I suggest keeping the catwalks thin (however, the center one needs to be a bit thicker)

Tv show was Firefly, didn’t even last a full season on fox.

Movie was Serenity, I’m basing this off the movie version of the ship as it was changed slightly, but I’m using the movie and show for little visual references as the blueprints cant show everything.

I started the engine room, but it still needs a lot of work. I seriously want to take a crack at the crew quarters or guest ones. But I want to take a good long look at the movie/show to better understand the transition between the infirmary to the guest quarters as there’s two 45 degree halls that off shoot and I’m not sure exactly how that looks. Although the pilot and also Objects in space show a lot of the guest quarter hallways.

There is also a lot of stuff I want to add that was never seen in the show/movie.

Long story shot, this maps gonna be so overloaded with detial brushes so the map wont lag like it already is in a couple areas, mainly since everything besides the cargo bay, door frames and those butresses in the rear hall is done without them


I’m guessing you mean the cross catwalk in the front closer to the main door, I’m going to work on it soon as I’m not happy with it.

New pic, I added the crew quarters started on the guest quarters although angled pathways that curve upward are gonna mess them up when I do it. Got a couple other things done also

I’ll probably get more progress over the next few days as I don’t have to work till Friday!

Finally is there an easy way to make ladders or do I have to use that annoying node setup?


Also, Hammer likes to rape spheres.

it’s not too hard, just a func_usableladder and a couple of info_ladderdismounts (or whatever they’re called)…

Don’t use spheres, subdivide a cube or use a model.

That’s why I couldn’t find it, I was looking for a func_ladder and was having 0 luck.

Yeah, I learned that when I did my last compile, I have 2 full spheres and a 2 partial ones made from vertex edited hunks of cylinders. Both can be done better but were just stand in’s for now.

I’m now surprised my grav wave generator detail brush doesn’t break and have me find a way around it like half the other complicated brushwork has.


Here’s a nice question, how would I go about figuring the angle I need a sliding door to move if I clipped some brushwork with a slope of 4/1

Math :eng101:

To test the angle, hit control+m and rotate it. Be sure to undo that rotation, it’s just to see if the angle is correct.


Unless it isn’t supposed to rotate… :downs:

pics please

Trig was never my best math.

But I think I need 14 degrees.

I’ll test it out later as I’m not on the computer I have hammer on.

Looks amazing so far.

Great map dude !

It was 76 degrees and the door works fine for that damn angled door.

Didn’t do much last night besides a couple little tweaks trying to make the doors walkable. I also did a little more work on the common area and started adding the sections off to it’s sides.

As for the Catwalks/gangways, I watched Serenity again last night and realized I have a lot of work to do on them, and the rest of the ship. I’m talking in the way of custom models to lighten the brush load.

Thanks for the comments.


Also I’ve always wondered about that area jammed between the rear hall and infirmary, it has the front of the main reactor and the water reclamation unit along with water storage barrels in it. You never actually saw this room as every time someone walked that stairwell that runs the edge of it they always showed the wall right next to the stairs.

I loved the movie, and I hope this gets finished!

Made a bit o progress, got a few pics to help show off the layout of the ship hopefully without making it too confusing.

The Forward Area, containing the Bridge, Armory, and Forward thruster room.

Topdown veiw of the midship, showing the Shuttle Airlocks, Common Area, Forward Hallway, And you can see the edges of the crew quarters under the forward hallway.

The Aft of the ship showing the Engine Room, Rear Hall, Shuttle Airlock/Common Area, Water Storage Area, Guest Quarters, Infirmary, and Cargo Bay.

Still have a few rooms to block out the walls of before I get to detailing/texturing. I’m probably going to re-do the common area as it’s so messed up right now and it’s also a bit too narrow, which I figured out with the addition of the shuttle airlocks. The Guest Quarters and bridge need major works and the shuttles I’m probably going to do last.

Looks great! Ima fan of the FireFly series but this looks great!
You should add a drop hatch with an HL1 desert sky texture?
There are plenty over here! > http://www.fpsbanana.com/textures/406

This is starting to look great, keep it up! If you need any help texturing I can help you out. (previous work)

ps: Big fan of the show.

This looks GREAT!!

and thanks Maxfourfx for the textures:D