[WIP] gm_Fracture

The addon is now live on the workshop:

Here’s a little project, I’ve been working on recently to try new techniques in modelling and lightmap baking.
It looked really cool, so I decided to release it properly.

The rather abstract map consists of 200 shards .
The area containing the shards is about 20k20k10k Units in size,
something I found working good for all sorts of gameplay.

The lightmaps are baked externally to achieve strong radiosity rendering (color bleeding) and ambient occlusion.






Check my screenshot feed for more fullsize pictures:

I really like the abstract look, i think it would be a really nice piece to have as a wallpaper, would love to see it ingame though

this looks neat. forgive my ignorance, but what did you use to bake the lightmaps externally?

I used Blender for the mesh itself, the skybox and some internal tools to achieve indirect- and environment lighting and ambient occlusion. The mesh itself is unlit in source and its lightmaps are baked into a 2048px²image.
I have yet to figure out if it could work in “normal” maps without using multiple unwraps or huge filesizes

I don’t understand how is the lightmap applied in hammer? Is it a texture?

Exactly. The lightmap is the actual texture of the model.

Render it in CS:GO. CS:GO’s CSM should look glorious in this.

Can’t think of any response to this except how ‘very’ cool it is.

Since this would be a bit hard to let people hands-on with (just spawning the player midair/on one of the surfaces), I figured to post an idea I just had to show off this map in-particular.

This being a rather shitty image I quickly made to help explain.

Spawn the player in a blank room outside the map. As they spawn, they hit a trigger that sets their view to a camera on a path. (The grey ‘rail’ seen above.) Via a game_text entity, display on the players HUD that to press A/D to move left/right. On each side of the player, have a trigger that moves the camera correspondent to which direction they move. I.e: If the person presses A to move the camera left on the ‘rail’ around the abstract piece, it will set the camera to follow the path_corner on the left of it’s starting point. Vise-versa with the right. You could also place a trigger above the player in this room, to allow them to break from the camera/put them into noclip on the abstract piece so they can view it themselves.

… If you know what I mean.

Nice idea, but unfortunately this system is absolutely not multiplayer compatible. The map has 4x4 spawns right now and since the system would need to be used serverside, it would need 16 separate systems to work (at least without a script)…

Ah, didn’t know it needed to work for multiplayer. That definitely wouldn’t work then, from needing separate systems to it being impossible to manage multiple people controlling it/etc. Good luck anyways man.


How do you even accomplish that using I/O’s in Hammer without coding? I would love to be able to have stuff move according to what the players presses on their keyboard like that

Yeah. I managed to make an entire sidescroller-level for Halflife 2 once using just Hammers internal logic. It can be confusing at times, but it’s very powerful nontheless.

As the person above me posted, there is a lot the I/O system in Hammer can do. Hell, our computers were even traditionally built from I/O systems.

As for how to do the system I stated, I’ll try to re-explain. The player spawns in a small room just outside the map. Where the spawn point is, you’d create a trigger that would switch their view to the camera/display the text on the hud/anything else you’d want to trigger when the player spawns. As the text displays, they press A to make the camera move left. When they press A, their character moves left, hitting a trigger on the left of the empty room. The trigger on the left being set to move the camera to the left along the track, and vise-versa. I also suggested putting a trigger above the players height to disable the camera/TP them onto the play field, which of-course would be done with space.

Ah I see, that’s pretty clever with the triggers to the sides actually. Didn’t ever think of it and that it would be that simple.
I’ve always wanted to make some sortof sidescroller like that so I’m going to have fun experimenting with this, thanks

Can you make a more detailed tutorial on how you achieved the lighting in this?
I love using solid colour/abstract art-styles like this and knowing how to do this would really help me out with the stuff I make, seeing as whenever I try making maps with this lighting-based style the lightmaps always end up shitting themselves and look horrendous, such as this:


look at those fucking ugly black shadows that are appearing there on the floor for no logical reason, when the other side of the room is exactly the same and they don’t appear there. I did literally everything I could do to try and get rid of them and nothing helped unless I just removed that design.

I can make a tutorial, but it would be 90% of a Blender tutorial, since the levelbuilding, texture application and the actual lightmap baking would be happening in Blender and just be exported as a model. I’m also currently refining the method to use less filesize.
It’s a lot of work however making even a simple room that looks good and doesn’t support certain features like normalmaps for example…

But I agree, vRad sucks when it comes to color and good looking radiosity. That’s why I came up with this experiment in the first place :wink:

May I ask how? Sounds interesting.

A little off topic, but okay:

The player basically controlls two tracktrains: One for movement in x-direction and one for z-direction (depth). The camera is parented to the tracktrain, as well as a info_target, which is used to guide the figure (any NPC) through the level. Since the movement of the figure still uses Sources AI system, the NPC is capable of avoiding obstacles and (to some extent) pathfinding. It’s also possible to animate the NPC using a scripted_sequence (climbing animation, etc…)

Here is a video of the result and two screenshots of the setup.



I absolutely love that! Not only the work that was put into the side scrolling and the events but also the mapping! I love the sunlight coming through the window outside the apartment.