*WIP* GM_nuke_testing_grounds


this map is going to be a very large map with lots of areas in it for build/DM/RP mainly. i started this a few weeks ago and made slow progress so far , im here looking for feedback and advice.

this map will feature:
boat build
car build
plane build
random build
3 working trains through out the map
a huge scientist base with nuclear storage and let off points (will feature a HL style train map)
combine style base
a few towns/villages dotted around
and more , i am taking suggestions

screen-shots / vids: (ive been making this map in sections so compile will be short)

plane build / airport


early scientist base (under remake)

early pic before it was under remake.

as i said im taking suggestions

email: cornishkid3@googlemail.com

I am really liking the 6th picture you put up. The outside seems a bit dull, and blocky… Try changing up the lighting and skybox, and maybe adding some more detail to buildings and roads.

yes it is a bit blocky , i started the airport today but lately ive had hammer crashes constantly so i rushed it a tiny bit at parts.

You should credit me if your going to use my prefabs. (train)

You should give credit to people who make stuff that you use

i took it out a few days ago to replace it with a HL style train im making , but that was a good PFlab.

getting pic of it now

Then update your pictures :smug:

this is it at the moment (im to busy to take shots again)


Looking shmexii.

you just made that.

Eh, would be better if it was larger. You should try making Groom Lake. I would totally download that.

if you mean i just made it for that screen shot , no i didn’t i made that about 4 days ago but have been getting path_track problems so i left it like that and have been working on other parts of the map.

You made that train?

rp_subtransit train actually :eng101:

You did not make that train Roleplay World nice try thought.

On subject great map i really love it and your ideal of the transit system. I miss the good old days of black mesa themed maps and labs.

I made the train, I put it on fpsbanana.com under Sierra mon, stop following me and flaming your really pissing me off.

Coming into some one’s thread and demanding credit for a decent prefab and then claiming that they whipped something up quickly to get out of trouble makes you seem arrogant and selfish.

Regardless, the map looks acceptable. The inside and outside look a bit too blocky for my tastes, but I see a lot of potential with successive iterations.

you need to give credit even if you use something even if only credit

I’m sorry, what?

Leave him alone melon.