[WIP] gm_SkidRow.

Just started adding stuff to this map and want to hear your opinion:


Added some sounds, lights and doors left.
pls don’t dumb me.

Looks like Kingpin.

Cause it is Kingpin map.

So it’s a port?

The textures are terribly low res, and the lighting is pretty dull. HL2 has textures suited to this kind of map, get those sorted, and make the environmental lighting less white.

Somebody can’t even read the title. Lighting is none at the moment, because I’m fixing some transparent textures and leaks.

If it is a WIP, it means you should want criticism to make it a batter map. That is generally what WIP people want. And you do have lighting, as the map is not fullbright, so i am saying to tweak the colours of it. If you didn’t want criticism, then why post it?

The textures might be too dark to fit in properly with source. It looks dark even though its full bright.

I do want criticism, but I don’t want to listen to CoDfags complaining about textures, and map is fullbright, just textures are dark.


Don’t assume you know shit about me, the textures are incredibly low res, especially as you have better ones available that are a reasonable resolution. By all means keep the design, but up the quality, or else what is the point of using source.


Every thread and post you’ve made in the past week has just been you having a terrible attitude about everything and insulting anyone who tries to help. You even start the thread with “just started adding stuff to this map and want to hear your opinion”. If all you’re going to do in every post and thread you make it either telling people to do things for you because you’re lazy, insult people because they had some constructive criticism on something you made, insult people because you weren’t clear in your posts and they asked for more information, or just generally having a bad attitude about everything, then please, just stop.

It’s not like people won’t help you, it’s just yourself that’s preventing you from getting that help.

Dumbed, owned = Facepunch.

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so… yeah… Garfield, tell me again why are you on facepunch?

Apparently to do absolutely nothing but shitpost.