[WIP] gm_subterrania

The last public version was b7. I’m going to be working on this map again.


Oops, someone deleted the file. Oh well. I’m still going to work on it again!

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still waiting…

It’s a forum, not an IM service, get some patience.

file not found!

Why did you re-release my finished map from years ago as a WIP? To note, chaos didn’t make any part of the map, I just told him to do it because I couldn’t be assed at the time to deal with a shitstorm if there was one.

Also, this isn’t the latest version of the map.

Then what is the latest version of the map?

Dammit Giga, I was trying to keep up that pretense as well as work on it myself, which is something I have been planning on doing for a long time. I’ve been working on some small stuff, and I believe I can now truly do a good job of mapping the tracks. I was also going to rework the upper area a bit.

The latest version is b9. It’s brighter, a few bugs have been fixed, and the skybox is AWESOME. I think the DL for b7 was removed due to inactivity; sorry about that! Giga has B9; I don’t.

Giga and I agreed in the past that I would release b7 under my name because he was tired of the uber fanclub stuff back then. I was going to release it under a different name even. ><

If you can find the source to that dinosaur map, you can do whatever you want with it. I’d recommend turning the track curves into models because the compile tools keep disfiguring them from rounding errors.

If I can find the source to B9, I’ll release it on gmod.org after I fix some bugs.

Ok. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday to Me! I’m 22 today XD

I have to reDL Steam; GMOD stopped working (my computer SUCKS BALLSHZ!). Once I do that, I’ll work some more on the map; thank God for being smart and backing up before uninstalling Steam XO