WIP gm_tokyo_facility (working name)


Hello guys,

I just started to work on gm_tokyo_facility, from the Resident Evil: Afterlife. Well maybe some of you will think its gonna be a stupid ugly small map. I will do as much as possible to it by myself but I will need a little bit help of you if you can create textures…


None yet.

Q: Release date?
A: Sorry, I don’t know yet. Maybe at the end of this month you will see the first pictures.

Q: Can we go outside of the facility and walk around in Tokyo?
A: I don’t think so, sorry.

Q: Wich kinds of gamemodes will you be able to play?
A: Well, mostly RP but also sandbox etc.

Progress: 2% of 100%

You need some screenshots if you want criticism. An intro picture to the map isn’t showing anything interesting…

Yes, come back ina few weeks.

Why didn’t you just make the thread in a couple weeks? I am sorry if that sounded mean. You just will get a bunch of boxes until you release something credible for us to build criticism off of.

Post your current progress at least.

Shit, you are right D:

It is alright, just make a little bit to show off what you are capable of. Like maybe just a room or something so we can at least see some type of progress.

Not that easy… I’m not at home… I did this cause I am waiting for my bus. But somewhen in the evening you will get pictures.