WIP: GoudX Nuclear Weapon (The other nuke)

I like the GCombat idea.

Also, if it means copying TetaBonita to break constraints, do it! :argh:

It’s good to finally see a nuke that doesn’t use TetaBonita’s effect, that’s all that really matters to me.

Would be nice emp pulse would disable wire components, or mixes up their values.

An dumb question, Where do i extract it :).

Addons, montadar.

As of now, I don’t think it matters if you copy TetaBonita or not, they abandoned the nuke months ago, and you can restart development on it, I think people would be happy for that.

Why does it suck props in?

There should be a blast wave that launches shit outwards. :raise:

It should blow it out and suck it back in, which this does do.

The green has me stumped though.

The blast wave should be a bit stronger, and the green blast effect was a little weird but other than that Grade A+. LUA king’d.

Mess up wire, GCombat dmg, more powerful wave all noted for next release (though they may not be implemented by then).

The green is for cliched radioactivity.

And I have decided that a car bomb and a mortar as another two forms of delivery.

Actually, I loved it. I loved how accurate the explosion was, although, it would be nice for the mushroom cloud to last longer before it turned into smoke… Like make it more firey when it starts to mushroom. Also, I loved how it was realistic in the fact that it sucked in props. But does it suck them in and pull them up? That would make it uber realistic.

Looks pretty nice, but needs more fire and the other features mentioned (undo constrains, set props on fire, maybe some sort of setting (gcombat damage on/off)…

I also think that “copying” stuff is rather dumb. Does that mean you won’t make a user configurable setting how strong the bomb can be, only because Teta did it? That’s like saying no company should produce any racing games, because there are so much racing games already.

Any wire suppot for nuke ?

I don’t think you can wire a SWEP.

This one makes my FPS go crazy. My GFX card is failing me so i’ve ordered a better card so hopefully that card won’t fail me.

ok, now i’ve got my list out

Nuclear Missiles: Check

Bomb's: Check

More Bomb's : Check Check

Molotov Cocktail's: Check

Bigger Nuke: Fucking Check

Fusion Bomb: uhh, fuck


:lol: Newb :rolleye:

So tell me, how can you wire something you’re holding?

Sweet, sucks that I can’t use it I lagg to much when I look at it, but the only thing you should do is find a better nuke sound.

So it’s going to put out an EMP pulse when it explodes? Like disable thrusters and hoverballs, etc?

Pretty! The more nukes the merrier I say.

Not quite… EMP pulse is secondary.