WIP: GoudX Nuclear Weapon (The other nuke)

Awesome! For the delivery system, maybe add something like the World in Conflict nuke:

That song is way too fucking happy for this video. Great job, though. Download and gold star.

Oh, I get it. The song was written about Nukes. Ha!

Its “Two suns in the sunset” by Pink Floyd, from the album the Final Cut. And yes it is about nukes. Heres the lyrics:

Edit: Heres a good video with it:

Your swep made me a NOT virgin :downs:

Very very nice!

Someone reported this file

Really? Why?

Oh people think it’s a real hoot to do that, it will be restored soon.

I found the yield of my Nuke


Using the formula:

((4 / 3) * pi * (12 000^3)) / ((4 / 3) * pi * (100^3)) = 1 728 000

I worked out my nuke has a yield of 1.728Mb or in other words the same explosive area as 1,728,000 explosive barrels!

Using the energy values for a tonne of TNT and a Barrel of oil:

Barrel of Oil = 6.1178632 × 10^9
Tonne of TNT = 4.184×10^9

It can then be worked out the “real” equivalent power of the nuke.

1 728 000 x (6.11700 / 4.18400) = 2,526,332

So my nuke is a 2.5 megaton device!

Teta has competition. :raise:

Very nice! I think Tetabonita’s newest version actually ruined it, it became just ugly…

very nice! will download now.
Could you maybe make the glow last longer?

I’d say better than tetabonita’s.

Awesome, now run away or we will all be dead lol

For some reason mine is broken. It says something like Lua file sent I dunnu If it was OK it was broken or deleted.

I like it :smiley:

um, so you want him to make a Tornado?

Um, wouldn’t that suck it up and spin it around. A nuclear weapon super heats the air and causes massive convection currents that would suck in and up like he said.

lol i was only joking,

wow i didn’t know that one, i knew that the explosion would cause a huge vacuum but forgot about the heat.

IMO this is much nicer than teta’s

Thanks for the positive input,

A quick update on my progress:

-I’m waiting till the next release of wire, then I’m going to add EMP effects on wire objects (if it works)

-I’m looking into GCombat compatibility.

-I’m adding constraint destruction, and prop destruction within a certain radius.

Nice looks cool.