[WIP] Halo Reach Props and Sweps Etc.


So it’s been along time coming for halo reach models and it’s been almost a year since i released the Reach spartans and korro put them in gmod,

So lets get started,i’m gonna start off showing 3ds max renders and thin some ingame gmod stuff

Note: that the renders don’t show everything or the decal textures applied so if you see werid marks thin that’s why





these photos here are showing off the displays

now for sweps…
reach arms


odst arms



NOTE: there is some problems with the sweps that will be fixed

A video will be uploaded soon here

I’d also like to thank Civil and bloocobalt for their awesome work on the textures and helping with the models and i’mbroke for the animations

Thank all of you for the fantastic work you do!

Looks incredible. Awesome work.

Excellent work to all involved! Especially excited about the Falcon. Hope these see a general release at some point.

Great work! Happy someone is finally doing this.

Yeah awesome job guys!

Any chance of getting the raw files?

Its beautiful :dance:
What I want to know is if there will ever be a possibility of seeing the reach elites.

IIRC He said there were some problems with the UVs that would have to be fixed.

This makes me want some sort of Reach Gmod gamemode with all the vehicles driveable and a forgeworld Gmod map.

Nice job.

any chance on the halo CEA as well as reach ? well mainly master chief and Johnson ?

Why do I get the feeling that the SWEPs in that video are based off the old AR SWEP by Blackops? :v:
(Which did have a working ammo counter, it worked be getting the ammo count and switching the textures on the display)

Will we actually see any of this stuff released in the future or is this the kind of thing that’ll be showed off a few times before its forgotten?

Johnson’s model in Halo 3 is higher quality then that, just slap his head on the Reach Marine model and you got that right there.

thats a good idea

i wish more people would port reach files so then they came before halo 4
and halo <3 cant wait i wana put CEA chief and 4 chief together like side by side

i would do it i just dont have a clue where o start

MA37 :open_mouth:

Yeah, I’d happily get the Halo: Reach Army Troopers & Marines into GMOD if you guys could possibly get the model out for me, if it’s too much to ask then just forget it.

would anyone else like to see an upgrade to the Halo: Reach Spartans that are already out? Perhaps adding more armor groups? Personally I’d like to see a body group for a jetpack and armor ability things.

what about ImBrokeRU?
he did the animations for the AR and DMR (the animation was originally created for the h3 BR,for halo ce)
it would be great if you can possibly share the raw files on forum.halomaps.org when you release these for gmod.

This is just incredible!!! Thank u so much Corra!!

And it will be even better if u can get the UNSC Army or Marine model from Reach or CEA
like other people said.

Hopefully we can see those soon!

How is the halo 3 Johnson more higher quality then the CEA version?