[WIP] Halo Reach Props and Sweps Etc.

ok so here is an update,bloocobalt is working on the shotgun but just thought i’d post a render if it

for the pelican it doesn’t have any perms on it, it’s just the basic models didn’t wanna import all the other parts atm


no hair on the jackal in the render as it’s got a small problem





will the pelican have an interior as well when it is finished?

when extracted the pelican has nothing in side it but it’s front landing gear, they must use a hallow version when not showing the inside cause the interior and cockpit is so high poly and lol everyone knows how bad and old the xbox 360 is lol so it probably can’t handle that much ( jking about the bad part but old yes it is) i’ll do my best when i get around to putting vehicles in gmod

ah ok. So I guess you’re either just merge it all into a final product when it’s all said and done? Or would it be better to create the interior as a separate model and use the bone merge tool to combine it in game. (( just like the drop ship in the ME 3 vehicle pack ))

the galliean was fucking hard to use with that charge up time. did a lot of damage to warthogs though if i remember correctly. tended to flip them a couple of times.

Nice to see this!
I can’t wait for the falcon

fuck, i would love to get my hands on all the raw files for reach. the halo games have god tier art assets imo. it’s such a shame that nobody wants to publicly release a ripper, there’s never been a good reason not to. i still have beta Reach dumped onto my computer, waiting until i can finally look at all the shit in it.

i mean shit i dont care about using the content, i just want to learn from veteran artists.

Fantastic stuff you’ve got there!

I don’t know if this will help any but there are some good models on this thread over on Halo Maps http://forum.halomaps.org/index.cfm?page=topic&topicID=33932

Those are custom :v:
Corra is actually porting these from Reach. I just wish he’d share what he pulls out as is.

i don’t know why,but the reach sniper looks a bit funky with it’s current animations.

i wonder who’s the dumb one here,me or the people who are rating my posts.

Even so it be good content to port to Gmod. Personally I don’t have a preference to if it’s from the game or a scratch built model (as long as it’s decent enough) All I want to see is more content being released to the gmod community. Half the things I see either don’t get finished or kept private. and that saddens me.

they’ll get released when things are fixed up and in gmod, i will thin release source files that are in .3ds and fbx and .max cause the public emf importer for halo 3 doesn’t work on reach stuff


looks like the hcea shotgun.

The Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary content is mostly recycled Halo: Reach models, it’s from Halo: Reach.

i know that.it looks like the one in hcea because of the sight colors.
whoever is rating my posts “dumb” must have a grudge against me -_-

I guess they just read your name and thought you wanted boxes. :v:

I know this is a little bit unrelated but I thought I’d post this here than make a new thread for such a small complaint or god forbid resurrect Korro’s release thread but I have to ask if there’s a way to change the Reach spartans… reflectiveness… cause when not in a direct source of light they are just… shiny.


Oh it doesn’t really work with the specular map then and that color tool thing at the-same time, sorry.

So the only thing you could do would be the removing of env_cubemap.