[WIP] Halo Reach Props and Sweps Etc.

Open the .vmt as a notepad or text file, you should find it in the materials\models in the addon. Once you’ve opened it, remove the line that says $envmap. This will mean that it won’t be as reflective during normal circumstances, but it’ll fix your reflectivity issues.

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Civil you ninja motherfucker you

Thanks guys for the answers. Bonus points for Cone cause he explained how to open a .vmt file.

That is a very sexy shotgun.

once again thanks Cone and Civil for helping me with the reflective problems of the Reach spartan. Sadly to say I come to you all with another problem. It seems that when applying the ragdoll mover to the spartans the tool fouls up and won’t let go when I try to move the model anywhere. I just don’t know what’s going wrong because it’s the only model that the tool is having trouble with. Any words of advice?

I never heard of this ragdoll mover tool you are talking about, so it must be some hack by garry.

I have hear of the physgun however and it should be the only tool used when moving ragdolls.

Are you using the latest version of the tool? If you’re using it with GM13 it’s probably just a bug with the Ragdoll Mover, but otherwise I’d assume that it’s a problem with the model’s rigging. You could try asking the Mover’s author and see if he can help, but for now it seems like you’ll just have to go without the tool.

the version is the one available on the workshop; Since every tool I’ve tried to legacy in breaks.

Damn, I really hope that image isn’t edited, because that is one sexy Assault Rifle.

No editing done at all on it.

I took the screen-shot and I don’t know how to improve images.

I think I’m starting to want these models more than Halo 4.

I want ALL the models. :v:

any words about a release date for these?

last i remember i was gonna release them February 3 2525 ( lol jking not sure yet when i will atm)

we’ll all be dead by then.

lol you didn’t get it

Perhaps you could release the 3D model for one of those? Just to settle our excitement for a bit but still give you time to work on the GMOD aspects and edits of some?

Apparently Gravemind over at halomaps.org is going to add Reach support to his tools at some point. And I cannot wait because I want to rig me up some Reach soldiers.

Shaders are temporary for the most part (as well as the placeholder textures for the lights on the needler & it’s needles) but here are some things. (gonna add more pictures over time)


he is adding support for the tags which means you can now see what is what in his tool and not just random numbers, which has nothing to do with extracting the models

i maybe able to release the AR,Dmr and Sniper if BlooCobalt is fully done with them

Then you should send some grunt models my way so I can go rig them :v: