WIP: International Space Station, my own way

I’ve seen a lot of space stations being built for the future world. Now I’ve came up with a space station based on the real ISS. At this stage it sure is a far cry to the real thing but I’ll like some constructive comments.

Top view:

Docking Port:

Interior of the first module:

You have to climb through these ‘tunnels’, which are what connects the modules together.

Interior of the main service module (the only module with life support):

Interior of the third module. I can’t think of anything to put in there, it doesn’t even have flooring:

A simple capsule spacecraft I made to test the abilities of space docking:


I also developed a simple human transfer apparatus which involved adding hydraulics to the seat because it’s impossible here to climb out from the seat to the station.


There it is!

Closeup on the hydraulic

This space station is modular so as long as a module has a correct port, it can be anything from toilets to a golf course. I still need more ideas and comments on how to expand this.

Looks like you used alot of the phx tubes. That’s not a bad thing though.

Work on making your life support a bit prettier. You basically just slammed it together in a room. I mean, You can’t even get to the back if it from the looks of it.

Is it frozen in place or can it actually be moved? Like if something hit it, will it move? Like, stabilization systems and airbrakes and shit.

Not very nice visually, but nice start.

i like its simple shape, im not to keen on the solar panels though. also a more detailed interior would be nice. good work

Interesting, at least theres no sbmp :stuck_out_tongue: er sbEp


First glance it had a “Portal” look to it. It looks like it has a lot of functionality in it.

Nice concept, result is decent though. Need’s work.


Lolomg i r trul and i r raet peeplez bard spellring an reeding duud

Looks extremely bland on the outside.

Add details somewhere.

It looks like a giant satellite.

It looks very bland on the inside as you’ve already been told. the inside also needs alot more equipment on the walls to get that space station interior!

But you got the shape pretty good! atleast it looks like a modern age space station instead of that ordinary tube fest of endless spacebuild!

I’ve made half a dozen space stations out of those 4x4 PHX tubes, complete with Soyuz and CTV ships to dock with them. Amazing what you can do with a bunch of tubes.

Also, the SBEP docking clamps, with a bit of adaptation work, make docking thruster-only ships a LOT easier.