WIP Ironforge world of warcraft

Obviously very early footage. Some of the textures have been assigned wrong and at the far corner of the map some of the pieces of the map exceed the view limit which is why they were disappearing.

the map is made up of 104 pieces and so far i’ve stolen 51 of them. I plan on releasing this hack job as an rp map with better collision than what i did with goldshire, maybe somewhere in the future i’ll also steal stormwind and the tram which connects the 2 cities for an extra large map.

Like with goldshire it will feature all the tracks that play within ironforge, i will attempt to give the map some lighting but i can’t guarantee that it will work.

What i’ll do next
I’ll release another video when i’m finished adding all of the pieces of the city, i’ll attempt to use some basic lighting throughout the city, but if i run into problems i’ll just tone the skybox brightness down and lastly correct the wrongly assigned textures.