Wip m113 apc

I decided to finally build the thing Ive been putting off for a few days now. It’s based off the M113 APC, which first saw action in Vietnam, and I believe is still being used today, but I’m no expert. It has a useable interior, and a little hole in the top to poke your head out from. once I get my machine gun working, I’m probably going to mound it up there.



the front, I like the way the viewport turned out. Oh, son of a bitch! I just noticed that I forgot to turn the thruster invisible.


The back, still need to find a good model for the hatch.


The insides, and at the top you can see a little bit of the hole in the top. Once I add the machine gun, I’ll probably make it less square.

EDIT: pics work now

Nice job, and you are correct this baby is still in service today. Im sure many are still in use in vietnam since we left a bunch of them there when we hauled ass LOL. Im not sure our military would deploy them since they have aluminum armor, but you never know. :-/

It’s not in frontline service with the US as far as I know. I think they’ve given some to the ANA and Iraqi security forces but they probably favour Russian APCs


I stand corrected by wikipedia, updated variants are still in service but the US Army wants to replace the majority of them with Strykers.

everyone has been using the same general idea ever since i came out with my tanketts…

Actually, this is to scale with the real-life APC, not really a tankette.

Use a PHX plate for the rear hatch. A 2x2 would fit perfectly judging from the scale.

I believe it should be wider, atleast the “treads” should be twice as wide.
Nice work anyways.

Booby, the treads are the correct with in terms of scale. I’d say the APC its self should be 1.5 times as large to be the same size as the real life version but it’s in scale with its self. I really like the interior details too.

yeah, it’s pretty hard to get in scale right, it’s either too big or slightly too small. I opted for slightly too small, hehe.

That’s why I rarely make real stuff :3