[WIP]Mech Assault: A game mode about big robots


What is Mech Assault?

Mech Assault is a Garry’s Mod game mode/addon that my friend and I are both working on in our spare time to roughly recreate what to us is one of the most iconic franchises of both Microsoft and Xbox.
For those of you who didn’t play the games, Mech Assault is a game about controlling large robots known as mechs, armed with a large assortment of different weapons to destroy and annihilate the enemy team and their mechs.
The game mode/addon will (hopefully) feature authentic, controllable mechs from the series (both Mech Assault and Mech Warrior), a basic multiplayer game mode, one or two maps based on the original Xbox games, and perhaps the vehicles if we ever feel like it.

What’s the gameplay like?
The gameplay utilises a third-person perspective on both the pilot and the mech (the pilot is able to exit the mecfh at any time.). Both teams start the game at their base with an assortment of mechs at the spawn area. Players on both teams would then enter and use against the opposing team. The battlefield was scattered with health and ammo kits which the player/mech could walk over and consume. The base game modes consist of simple DM, TDM and Grinder (a wave defense style co-op game mode).

The gameplay of Mech Warrior is similar in objective to Mech Assault, but was more simulator-based and had more complex controls, and it was also a PC-only series.

What do you plan to do?
For starters, we aim to first of all bring working and controllable mechs to Garry’s Mod. This is our most important objective, and if we are unable to pull off the game mode itself, we at least wish to get the mech entities finished and uploaded so others can have fun with all-out mech warfare. If we are able to push out some mechs that function to a satisfactory level, we’ll then attempt to work on the game mode and then the maps.

If we even get far enough, we’ll add additional variants of mechs with different weapon loadouts and skins.

How many mechs do you hope to implement?
Well, here’s the official chart (exclude the vehicles without legs):

That chart is from Mech Assault 2, and it’s definitely not possible at this time to get all the mechs from that game, but we’ll try and get as many working as possible.
We may only end up porting a small amount of iconic mechs, but it would still make a cool little addon or game mode.

A sizable task! What problems have you encountered? Do you require help?
So far, my friend and I have been able to rip, rig and animate the mechs. We were also able to rip sounds and particle effects. The one thing we cannot do, however, is port the ready models to Garry’s Mod, and we sure as hell can’t code LUA for shit, so getting them walkable and weapons ready in-game would be a hard task for us. This is why we’re looking for assistance from people who are able to port models or have some LUA knowledge.

The Mech Warrior games themselves are also extremely locked down, so ripping models directly from the game doesn’t seem possible as of yet, but thanks to various papercraft communities, we’ve managed to find and pick mechs from online repositories and then get them working with the Mech Warrior Online animations and rigs, as well as texture them using official textures from Mech Warrior 4.

The mechs aren’t high in poly count, don’t need advanced physics/collision, and we wouldn’t even need to be able to ragdoll (the official games had preset death animations), so the job of porting and creating the mechs as vehicles wouldn’t be too hard for someone who knows what they are doing.

Right. Got any screenshots?

We’re in the pretty early stages of development right now, but we DO have some things to show for ourselves:

Here’s the Timberwolf mech, rigged and using the run animation. (We have put most of our attention on this mech so far.)

This is the Highlander mech, unrigged, untextured and mainly untouched for now.

Owens mech, unrigged, untextured.

Raven mech, unrigged and untextured.

A various assortment of textures for 2 mechs.

We’ll update this thread as we gain progress with our endeavours, but for now we’re looking for opinions on such an idea, and also if anyone would be willing to help in the more technical areas such as LUA coding or model porting. Heck, if any Mech Warrior/Mech Assault fans poke their heads in here then we’d be happy!

Thanks for reading!

Ah, Yes MechWarrior, my favorite childhood game. Please finish this!!!#@!#!@%!%!@

This is honestly incredible man! Good luck with making it!

Looks like a good idea. I hope you’ll make it.

any in game footage?

Hey, we currently haven’t got to porting a mech to Gmod yet, although we could definitely give it a go (although it would be somewhat basic). So at the moment we don’t have any in game stuff to show.

EDIT: But in other news:

Some progress being made on the walk animation. Still needs refining to make it look more natural though.

awesome! Any plans for Assault Tech 1 models? (despite the fact that mektek no longer have it and it’s lost in the void of the internet. And if you have AT1)
Even though chances are relatively slim.

holy shit dude that’s amazing


Depends if I can rip from the game model files, or if I can rip the models from ingame using a 3d model ripper. I’m not expecting much luck though since MekTek are responsible for the fucking NSA level encryption on the Mech Warrior 4 files (Seriously, they didn’t want anyone looking at those models.).

Interestingly enough I was looking at the Assault Tech 1 game a few days ago, so I might consider downloading it and checking it out, but for now our first priority is to get at least one mech into Garrysmod from Mech Warrior 4.

bobble bobble bobble

(i finished tweaking the walking anim)

Very cool!

So, I’ve been thinking whether or not I should add shaders to the mechs (specular and normal map) or keep it diffuse only to stay faithful to the old games… Hrm.

Holy crap, that is massive compared to the player. That will definitely cause lag, bud.

If anything they should be making them tiny so the maps seem bigger (with a properly scaled down map of course).

Would it, though? I mean, the mechs won’t use advanced physics, won’t use advanced shaders and are also low poly.

Although, the mechs are pretty fucking big, so it is a concern if they’d be practical in their full scale size in comparison to source’s map size. Only issue about scaling down is that means the player wouldn’t be able to exit the mech, it would be an entirely mech based gamemode, which means I wouldn’t be able to create very practical standalone mechs for use in sandbox etc.

That’s a good point. But you can also make the players small, which would help.

True true, but I was hoping to avoid any extreme changes like that unless they were completely necessary. :stuck_out_tongue:

Once I get the model in-game for some basic tests, I’l see how I feel about the size and scale.

As a long-time Battletech fan, I’ll be keeping a close eye on this. I wish you the best of luck on this project!

Is this thread still in commission? I wondered on to this thread in hopes of finding these mechs for SFM, and what I saw astounded me. Even though this thread is a few years overdue, and most of these are probably not done (or even touched), everyone has been remembering MechAssault 1 & 2 a lot recently and they had ideas to get them in sfm in a higher quality.

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