(WIP)Melee M.E.R.C. Hands

a (WIP) project of some melee M.E.R.C.
some “lazorz” action =)

Video isn’t working and this is just… UGLY.
Seriously what was going through you head mate.

Make it one of those things that you can wear with E2 or whatever and it’ll be cool

Better than a phx plate, ahem.

Anyway, I thinks it looks pretty cool. But asfor those stupid lasers, get rid of them and make something neater. Like fists.

its just still [WIP], i think i will made fist weapons or a 2h sword…i prefer fists )

p.s. yeah its ugly - just a torso for some tests , video working…
and i will make a beautiful M.E.R.C. when i adjust all controls and moves ) dont worry my head is ok

Make it conduct Beethoven.

Oh hey, excluding aesthetics that looks awesome!

heh ) thx

Looks dangerous in action.

heh ) work goes on full throttle )

I think it would play the 1812 overture pretty well.