[WIP]MesaScript2 - Roleplay in Black Mesa!

ATTENTION! MesaScript2 has been stopped, because it had Errors, that couldn't be fixed (Server-Side Errrors)! The Server doesn't show any errors (on the Client too), but it's buggy like hell! So, I'm going to stop it.
When you are interested for the script (like to try it out on your own server), PM me and I will hand you out a copy.

Hello and Welcome to the Black Mesa Research Facility!

Do you ever wanted to Role-Play in Black Mesa? Wanted to feel how to be a Scientist, Security Guard, Engineer (HEV Suit)? Well here is the solution:
I am making this Gamemode for you, the GMod RP players, so that you can see what you can do in Black Mesa! My First Idea was to make a Survival Gamemode from scratch, but when I saw that there are already so much, then I came up to that Idea.


You are an employee in the Black Mesa Research Facility and you have to make some critical tests because you found some “XEN Cristal”. Surely, all test will be made in Sector C. Well, the Administrator wasn’t happy about it, but he allowed them to make this critical Test.
Everything works fine, but at the final Day before the Test starts, all Computers, security devices, etc. crashed and some employees couldn’t access their Workspace and their Apartment. So, and that’s not all!
There also comes Gordon Freeman, a High-Quality member of Black Mesa and he was ready to push the cart with the Cristal into the beam…


MesaScript2 will contain:
Money (€ or $)
Banking system
“Cafeteria” system (with Food like Hot Dogs, Pizza, ans more.)
“Employees-only” Apartment system (Well, actually like these Suits in GModTower, but there will be no Check-In/Check-Out function!)
Medicinal system (example: When you have Headache, then you need to go to the pharmacy to get Aspirin, etc.)
and more!

->Second Administrator
->Secretary of the Administrator
->HECU (Millitary, EVENT-ONLY flag!)
->Security Guard Lv. 2 (has better weapons and has a better Shield)
->Security Guard
->HEV Scientists (With an HEV Suit, right?)


Overall: - 20%

Core: 50%
HUD: 0%
SWEPs: 0% (I’m looking for a SWEP-Base, cause I don’t want to script one…)
Items: 0%
Menu: 33%
mySQL System: 95%


The Character Menu

The “Very Simple” Scoreboard

About MesaScript and Credits Tab

Dev Browser, a very simple Browser by Developers, for Developers (on MesaScript2 :P)

->add an Money-system
->add an Banking system
->extend Menu to Character Menu
->add an Help-Menu
->extend mySQL commands
->add an Cafeteria system
->add Flags
->add Apartment system
->add an SWEP-Base (please prefer me one!)

I hope that this will be a successful gamemode. I would accept suggestion and and criticism!
Thank you!

Note: This has nothing todo with DarkRP or MesaScript! This is an Gamemode made from scratch!

I still remember when we tried to make the Black Mesa RP server, but it failed.
And I still have the server hosting files :v:

Well, when you still have the files, then you could help me a bit. :smiley:
I will need some custom models, because I don’t want to use HL2 models.

Well… nobody interested?

Hard to be interested when there’s nothing being presented.



Sorry, I would need some custom models, but I don’t need the script. I am making it on my own (except the SWEP Base)

I like the idea, and would love to stay there as a Security Guard.
“Sorry Dr. Freeman but I cant let you do that” :V

There is no administrators though? Just the Gman who posed himself as a high person in that field.

Well, there are actually Administrators.
Well, I really would be happy if you will enjoy it :smiley:

Breen was an administrator

What about maps.

Yes, when you want, then you can also add an “Dr. Wallace Breen” into your Black Mesa RP! :smiley:

Well, I am just making the Gamemode, but you can use these rp_blackmesa_a* series made by Barley Fatal. You can find them on GarrysMod.org.
But actually, I am only making the Gamemode, for you. So the job is up to you, look for maps or create yours. :slight_smile: I can’t map so good, so I can’t help you mapping the map. Sorry.

Just to let you know, There are problems with those black mesa maps. The latest alpha32 seems to be fine, But when everyones made their offices and made some test stuff. When another player joins, It lags like hell for them. So if you were to play it on them you’d have to get all the players on before you start making stuff.

Well, when a player joins, then that means that he needs to download stuff. You can so something else! Try sv_downloadurl or something like that and try to host it somewhere. Then you can reduce the Lag and everyone would be happy.

There is also an other solution:
Every Sector will be splitted into an other server, like Sector C => One Server, Sector H (Lambda Core) => Other Server. That would be an other solution :smiley:

Looking interesting, might create a SWEP base in some time if you keep up the work.

You should link OOC chats together, then. And global IC chats like events, broadcasts or radio communication.

Nice idea,I never got the chance to play MesaScript before,and this rendition sounds alot better.Can’t wait till you get some pictures up.

Well, the Model Choose panel is pretty done, but still needs work, and I’m trying to make it compatible with mySQL, so there’s pretty much work todo. (I use now SQLite, that build in thing in Garry’s Mod )

I hope it will be successful! :smiley:


  1. Whoa, that would be really nice!
  2. Well, this would be a bit hard, but possible. When somebody would like to help, then I would really thank him (and I will add him to the Credits :smiley: )

Not trying to advertise on another thread, but, uh.

http://mesadev.blogspot.com/ is what I’ve been working on for the past few months. :V

Well, It’s nice that you try to fix some bugs, but It could be a bit better, like to improve a bit details. I don’t mean that you should place props, I mean… Let’s take an example: The Beam-Room:
Try to make the Beam and The Room a bit realistic. So, think, bro. What Would be good in a Beam-Room? What would happen if I press the Button? Something like that.

Thompson, I’m a big fan of Black mesa rp, Will i be able to test this on my server some time when it’s done?