[WIP] Metro Last Light RP

Hello everyone, And welcome to my introduction to my work in progress gamemode based on Metro Last Light, And well i wish that my server to have some moderate amount of support so i can continue with this idea!
Now here are the gamemode features:

:heavy_check_mark: Custom F4 Menu
:heavy_check_mark: Faction System
:heavy_check_mark: Radiation Hot Zones

Map Pictures:

(The Map Is rp_stansiya_v1b)

And that’s it because i started working on the gamemode some days ago and most of it is still under work but well, So far this.
Have a nice day!

hmm some pictures of the actual map you’ll have on the server would be nice :slight_smile:

Alright, Hold on i am editing the post now and uploading the pictures

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How does your F4 menu look like?

It’s still under construction because i still have no idea how to code one.
But this won’t be one of those semi serious RP servers with admin on duty jobs and useless addons.
This will have only the required jobs and will only use FADMIN, No ulx or evolves or any shit of that.
The Admins will only be four to five to avoid admin abusing.

I don’t think you fully understand what it means to make a new gamemode. StarwarsRP isn’t really it’s own gamemode, most of the servers out there use DarkRP and just redo jobs/change the map.

To make a new gamemode you need to know lua and have to build it from the ground up, good luck and have fun. :v:

It’s not serious rp, It’s semi serious and i’m coding my own stuff becouse i have no pepole to help me with lua

besides pictures of the maps you plan to use, do you have any pictures of stuff from the gamemode

Well…I think I know how this conversation is going to end :v:

It’s a concept Johnny. The most important step in the entire design process! Gosh!

I can sell loading screen - https://vk.com/mr.kubu?w=wall-52654839_265

Sell a loading screen with a background, text and snowstorm.js? nothx

if its bandicam its a scam am i right lol.

Constructive criticism is dont offer to sell someone a loading screen when all it is is basic html elements the quotes and logo are in the default place as if there not set with a style.

so ide make it look more nice by moving the quote to the middle bottom of the screen or something.

also from the looks of it its a 5 min loading screen. maybe it took you longer cause not everyone is good and i know that but ide say put more time into it and make sure its optomized.