[WIP] Music Video: M.A.D. by Hadouken

So, I’ve heard this song a few times and I can’t get these images out of my head. Red, Blue, and Orange (HEV Characters) working together to DESTROY the opposition (Combine/Zombies) by whatever means necessary.

White/black/red is currently a placeholder for the next scene… I do rough pre-edits with placeholder color content to shape out the look/feel of a video.

Currently a WIP, I’m just posting to get a feel from others for the different editing techniques and styles I will be using. C&C Welcome.

Don’t try to match it up with the music like that. The quick-fades to black doesn’t look good, if you really want to match it up to the music you could have zoom ins that correspond to it. There are also a bunch of other things you can do aswell like cutting up the scene to cut when the beats hit or something like that

Looks good so far. Can’t wait for final version. I love that song.