WiP- My House

I’m creating a map with the layout of a house i once had to build for math class.
There is:
-A music player which i am trying to make interchangeable
-A working fireplace
-A telephone to order stuff
-A microwave for roasting headcrabs
-A shower with a working tub
-HDR if i can figure it out
-And maybe more

I do not have much on it yet but here is a picture of the basic layout so far:


Like this



first, then

Looks rather nice. That fireplace needs to be fixed though, looks like shit.

agreed, dont use those kind of textures btw

your floors are horrid.

I suggest doorframes, and different textures. (different wall textures for different parts of house)

also, your room connections are strange. you need to add some smaller walls to your doorways.

like this :


map doesn’t look all too bad though, good luck.

actually, there is no door there, and i know i have a lot of changes to make like door trimmings and the floor looks a lot better in the real game, since it reflects and shines

Those rooms look too big.

hah hah. Sims: Source. :smiley:

I thought the same thing lol.

Yeah, that view did it for me XD

It’s his house, he knows better if they’re too big or not.

“I’m creating a map with the layout of a house i once had to build for math class.”
No it isn’t his house, it’s one he had to build for maths class.

we have to base it off our dream house.

so I’LL say if the rooms are too big

and they will be much smaller with all the props and whatnot

I was just proving his point, but I wasn’t saying they’re too big, just proving a point.