WIP New Duplicator Beta Testers Needed


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May 7, 2011

I need to do some testing with Advanced Duplicator dupes, or TB duplicator dupes. I’m going to be checking for errors and making sure they work correctly. I don’t want a bunch of stupid easy stuff. I need them advanced and complex. If you want to help provide this to ensure future functionality zip up a file containing the dupes( please tell me which duplicator the dupes belong too ), upload them somewhere common(if I don’t recognize the link it’s not getting clicked on) and post it here in the thread or send me a PM if you don’t want it to be all public.

Things I’m looking for: advanced constraining, advanced wiring, parenting, and E2 stuff.


May 6, 2011

Just so you don’t have to go to the back of the thread to find this.
I haven’t stopped working on a duplicator, I’ve just stopped working on this one. I have a new one that is a 1000x better then this, but is being extensively tested and worked on. It contains better saving, better pasting/copy times, better file transfers, better ghosting, more accurate pasting, new features, and my new dupe spawner. So hang tight, gmod building will be changed.

Compatible with Poly Weld, and Clip Plane

:siren: CONFLICTING ADDONS: :siren:
The old CDS, Combat Damage System. CDS3 works fine.
If something advertised on here is not working it is most likely a conflicting addons send me a list of your addons, or a screen shot and ill sort it out.

SVN: http://tbsduplicator.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/

I’ve been so frustrated with making contraptions and saving them to find out later they are no longer operational. So I’ve decided to do something about it.

I’ve been working on a new duplicator for quite some time and I’ve fixed quite a few bugs of the current duplicator.

No more Saggy Welds, Axis, or ballsockets. It Spawns as if you had just built it.

The Brown one is my duplicators duplication, the really saggy one is the regular duplicator, and the one in the middle is the original. Theres 12 doors each door has 1 weld.



updated picture, Over 64 barrels all welded to their neighbor, then welded every other one starting on the left side, and then welded every other one starting from the right side. The one on the far left is my duplication, the middle is the original, the far right is the original duplicator’s spazzing around.

This is a new duplication feature. Making it no longer necessary to snap and freeze your contraptions before saving them. You can pull them apart, bend them, stretch them and they will still come out as perfect as you built them without ever freezing one prop.

Here is a demonstration:
Heres an original space station I built and I smashed it against the ground and trees and duplicated with my duplicator and the advance duplicator.

Here is the ghosting of both duplicators, both look pretty messed up.
This is mine:

Here is the advanced duplicator:

Now here is both of them pasted, unfrozen, and placed in space.
This is mine:

Here is the advanced duplicator:(Advanced duplicator one is on top, mine on bottom for comparison)

As you can see mine is normal, and the advance duplicator is as copied.

Things to do:
Fix ragdolls, pullys.
Fix ghost balloons.
Add undo sooner.
Entity prevention feature for servers.
Change angles feature.
Improve copying time


Only use the Old Duplicator if you still need to convert your saved file over from pre Rev 16.

SBEP Doors are fixed now yay! (:

Revision 35: 11/16/2010
Parenting bug fixed.

Revision 34:
New methods of faster or neater spawning.

Revision 33:
No collide all re-fixed along with an opening file problem.

Revision 31: 10/11/2010
No collide all fixed. (AKA right click no collide)

Revision 30: 7/5/2010
Increased support for constraints, so keepupright now copies and saves. I think all constraints now copy and save correctly but let me know if there are some that don’t.
Added limited ghost feature, this will only show 30% of the amount of ghosts when enabled.

Revision 29: 7/4/2010
Redid the file system.
Added ability to create new folders.
Added ablility to save and view in folders.
You can now upload any saves that are in your duplicator’s directory.

Revision 28:
Fixed a bug with ropes.
Fixed magnets.

Revision 26:
Added new methods of saving
Added delayed saving
Added a progress bar for downloading and uploading
Redid the download and upload method, there should be no more lag/stutter.
Some saving bugs should be fixed.
Fixed a bug that could cause your contraption to not copy perfectly.
Fixed some constraint errors when trying to save.

Revision 25: 6/6/2010
Added duplication support for no collide all.
Fixed a client spam error about ghosting, ghosting should be back up and working again.

Revision 24: 6/5/2010
Took out some of the busy checks so that it won’t get stuck anymore.

Revision 23: 6/4/2010
Fixed a bug with sb3 with instant paste.
Fixed some busy tool bugs.
Made a temporary fix for SBEP doors. They will now spawn but the door part that opens will be off somewhere else. To fix this get the weld tool and press R on the door frame the door should return back to its place. This will unweld everything that was welded to the door though so be sure to put the welds back.

Revision 22: 6/4/2010
Fixed a bug with ghosting.
Fixed the bug with SB3.
Added feature for servers to paste over time.(You have to edit the value yourself, pasteovertime)
Added feature to disable downloading.
Added some checks to reduce stress on servers.

Revision 20: 6/1/2010
Added parenting support.
Added ghosting.

Beta 1.8: Revision 16: 4/14/2010
Your old saves will no longer work. So if you have something you want to merge over use the TB’s Duplicator Old to paste it and Copy it with the new version.
Cleaned the code big time. Went from 1142 lines to 727 lines including all the new comments so even less then that.
Optimized majorly, cut down on copying and pasting times.
Added comments

Beta 1.81: Revision 17: 4/15/2010
Fixed Corrupt files.
If you paste a file from the old version you can there just wont be any constraints.
When saving and uploading the file will go in alphabetical order instead of at the bottom of the list.

Revision 11: 4/12/2010
Added support for invalid props to not fail your whole contraption.
Extended perfect duplication to all constraints, even player made constraints.(Including wire hydraulics)
This update will ensure complete perfection on all constraints.

Beta 1.7: Revision 10: 4/9/2010
Fixed some errors with specific constraints.
Fixed props being moved back into position after being constrained.
Fixed Ropes and Elastic.
Added Z offset
Added Paste without constraints
Added Spawn at original location
Cleaned up the code.

Beta 1.6: Revision 8: 4/3/2010
Fixed a bug that wouldn’t let you save your contraption if you used something other than a weld.

Beta 1.5: Revision 7: 4/2/2010
Fixed menu bug not showing files in multiplayer.
Fixed naming files the same name as other files.
Fixed a menu glitch.
Added ability to delete client side saved files.
Added error support.
Added more tool feedback.

Beta 1.4: 3/31/2010
Added the upload and download feature.

Beta 1.3
Added Boingboing’s Idea to further increase the perfect duplications. Props will move around while be constrained to position around themselves of how they were constrained. You can disable this in the tool menu. WHAT THIS MEANS, is that it is no longer necessary to freeze your props in place. They can be saggy, pulled apart and frozen, or forced into awkward positions, Duped and they will still come out perfect.
Fixed a bug with props spawning below the ground.
Added SVN.

Beta 1.2
Fix a clientside bug

Released Beta 1.1
Added saving/loading and deleting feature.
Added the menu for it.

You can also now duplicate things that are constrained to the world.
The faster that bugs are reported or reports of no problems then the faster I will add the saving feature.

I’ll test it maybe, sounds interesting.

Hey, this looks nice. I’m interested too.

As soon as the steam servers are up again, i’ll add you.

Thanks guys, about to fix the last major bug dealing with constraints.

I make huge contraptions that always miss something on the dupe so I would love to test this on them

remember to check the skins and save them in this one


on the props and such

Yes, I know. Those details arn’t as important yet as having the welds and constraints actually work. (=

i will test for you and if you want i will even put it on my server to get you some popularity?

if you do want it on my server ( server.citrongamers.com:27029 ) i will make you a red advert saying its yours and i will give people a link to this thread and MAYBE even put something in my informatiob desk about it?

sounds an intresting concept cause i hate making elevators that fail after a dupe. have you thourght of a name yet? something like a flatpack duplicator if it doesnt take up alot of space? anyway, does this save?

I don’t really think its ready for a server yet its pretty unfinished. its probably pretty unstable for anything other than a server for its testing purposes. it will be able to save. right now I just have it named TB’s duplicator lol but I’m totally open for suggestions.

That’s pretty cool, I guess.

Sounds neat. Sign me up!

I’ll test if you still need people.

Yeah no one has even tested yet :confused:

Maybe you should release a beta?

Quite a bump there, not sure if this is still being worked on - if it is, then I would like to see a nice backend for developers to add in - I could never figure out how to make complex sents work with both adv dupe and normal dupe (PCMod ents specifically).

Yeah, it’s almost finished minus the saving part. Just working on one last complex part with adding support for non regular constraints that people make.

Anybody know why the maker of the old duplicator never thought it would be a good idea to fix these things himself?

Lazyness? Could break everything already created?

(Are only guesses!)

Or he didn’t figure out what I figured out.