[WIP] Ocean Wars

Ocean Wars

Original idea by [BB]Blackdog and Pac(who has disappeared). Moreover planned out by Komar. Head Lua Coder: Scooby. Mappers: Props Modelers: n/a - Searching for experienced modelers & mappers.

Pac had a very great idea, and I have built off of it, going into more detail. I would just like to point out SOME of the features that will be presented in Ocean Wars.

Build Zones
	Pretty normal
	Restrict no-clip to build zones
	Toolgun/phys/grav gun are disabled outside of zones to promote reality

Group Systems
	Voice chat between only groups & faction wide
	Automatically added to prop protection when you join a group(advanced dupe is not included)
	Dupe Protection
		Just because you're in a group doesnt mean people have access to duplicate your items/creations. A seperate menu is used for this)

	Different Islands per faction
	Neutral islands with certain materials/money that are accredited to a salary system per faction
	Random 'letters in a bottle' including goodies floating and chests on islands with materials/money
	A chance that while you're swimming you could be 'attacked' by a 'shark'

Fishing Areas
	On certain islands you can buy poles, lines, hooks and bait from an NPC
	Multitude of different fish, chances for them to escape, chances your line breaks depending on weight of fish etc.

	Multitude around the maps. Especially in faction spawns.
	Buy/sell materials/products

	Every item is based off of economy, materials etc. ie If your faction spawn doesnt have any hooks, you have to go get steel to make hooks. etc If there are less, the price is higher, if there are more the price is lower.

	A lot of items are based off of mixtures, which are then sold to the economy or used for yourself.

	Neutral islands give a certain amount of resources if held
	Oil, metal, gun powder, concrete, rope, rum etc - not specifically used for building(to not hinder the build aspect of this game. Also to stray from stranded)
		You can also buy all of these from NPC's
	You can 'rob' other factions resources every x minutes

	Through a menu system you can increase the health of your boat for money/product
	'Learn' how to aim for better accuracy
	Expirement and find more effective bullets for more damage

Stats system

All stats, money and materials will be added to a off-server MySQL server, and backed up.

We are very open to criticism, comments, or suggestions and would love to hear them! We want to make this a superb game mode. As said above, we are also looking for modelers and mappers to join our team, please add me on steam if you would like to talk to me about the game mode or joining the team. Steam: komarw11t

You’re going to fail as many others have before…

Karolis never finished Treasure Hunt
Chief never finished Naval RP
Red Death never finished WW2 Naval

Naval Play pretty much set the ground of what you can, and can not do with water based warfare.


I have to say… If you’re just going outta your way to beat Naval Play you’re going to fail just like many others have.

I think we have some very good ideas going around and it will be a very successful game mode. I do thank you for your post, even though all it says is that you’re not going to make it.

More on the line… I’m stating, stop beating a dead horse.

So what you’re suggesting is to bottle the creativity of many people because you are stereo-typing Scooby and I based off of other people that, I agree, did not finish their game-modes etc.

I mean, it just seems like you want this to fail.

I just hate watching history repeat itself. If you can complete it then cool… I wish you luck on making it better. If you know you’ll lose interest after you make your first boat then please rethink what your trying to do.

I’m Pac, and fuck off man.

^ I think he’s still working on it.

It seems like you have learned from the mistakes done by others and if you do that correctly history wont be repeated.I also have to make one suggestion.Restrict advanced duplicator so players can make something original each time.With advance duplicator lets say I find a way to build the perfect boat all I am going to do is duplicate it in every game.

Don’t listen to the furry… If you have the coders, go for it.

We are contemplating doing this. I understand that adv duplicator just makes it easy, but for certain things it’s just fun to join and go! We may make Adv Dupe a ‘respected’ sort of tool.


If you really are Pac and you REALLY are still working on it, then add me on steam and lets talk about it. I gave you your full credits, used your ideas. I’ll even change the name if you want…

Oh… By the way… Just to be a history ethusaist… The Axis didn’t have the Browning Automatic Rifle. They actually considered it inferior to the STG 44.

We are dedicated to finish this gamemode, thats not the criticism we are looking for, try using constructive criticism instead.

How is that not constructive criticism? I’m just saying you guys need to check your history facts if you’re aiming to be historically accurate.

Mister…Joe… You beat horses off, You cannot criticize this man on his gamemode while you’re doing so.


His underlining motive is to make a fun gamemode, Why did Assassins creed fail? They had it historically accurate and it still wasn’t too fun. DERP THEY DIDN’T HAVE FUN BACK THEN. LETS REMOVE IT!


You do not beat off to anatomically correct animal figures, right?

What…Assassin’s Creed was high on sales charts…
Also Jester… Stop beating to clown midgets, and we wouldn’t have to argue about fetishes.

I wasnt talking that post, Im talking the post below

You shouldnt discourage people from making their gamemodes

Don’t mind JoeSkylynx. He’s just a nuisance.

Are you guys working on everything at once or just starting out with the basics first? I really do recommend that your team starts out with a sort of skeleton GM. From there, you can tweak settings, then add new features as you progress. Plus you can show users the WIP in the forms of pictures/videos early on instead of waiting a long time.

For maps, I suggest Harbor2Ocean: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=39621. It is a very large map, with 2 main identical bases (red/blue), oil rig and a basic island. Works good and possibly fits your needs for testing.

Good Luck on the GM.

We have taken this into consideration. I believe that we have come to the conclusion that we will develop the game-mode in stages. The first being the basic skeleton of the gamemode, without mapping, models etc. Mostly due to the fact that we are lacking in the mapping/modeling department.

After that we move onto the map developing and model developing until it is a ‘finished’ product. From there we just add and adjust as needed.

Clown midgets? Why they’re certainly more amusing than watching you squirm and bicker just to deliver a mediocre insult. I’m sure beating off to Clowns would be more widely accepted than breaking into puppy mills and jacking off, while dressed up like Tony the tiger. And, while Assassin’s creed sold well people were not pleased with it. Just like your mother, Joe.