(WIP) Project: GmodRP

Howdy. After a few days of review ,and response I’ve found out that many players in Garry’s Mod wish for the old roleplay mod GmodRP to be reborn. I’m fulfilling that request ,and going to begin work on it asap.

Please note I’m starting lua with this…(I’ve read PIL though)

Whats the plan?

  • done, - not worked on, / working on

Make New Realistic Items (/)
Make Ingame Admin System (/)
Fishing (-)
Freedom of Player Models (/)
New Scoreboards (-)
Make A Revolutionary Government System (-)
New Currency (/)
NPC Jobs/Minigames (-)
Custom Vehicles (-)
Realistic Gun Ownership/Purchase (-)

**I need you!
What did I just say? I need help? Well as a nooby coder I’ll most likely be asking questions from time to time as well as looking for help from other developers.

A few things I posted above will defiantly need some more hands… What I’m looking for is realistic models.

What do I need?

-Realistic Fish Models
-Fly Fishing Rod
-Fishing Rod
-Row Boat Model

**I need models for the currency… What kind? As of now I have a small idea what kind of money system I’m going to make ,but that will be updated on towards the completion ,and release of GmodRP.

Licenses, and Scrolls.

Later down the road I plan on taking off where Slob left off with a license system. Not an ordinary one though… I’m looking for scrolls ,and certificates. Why? Cause for the gun-dealer I plan on making a quiz/schooling session so we get less minges.


None yet. I tried opening up earlier ,and turns out a lot of stuff needs too be fixed up ,and reworked for modern Gmod.

If you want to contribute any form of lua or models just pm me with link or pm me with what you want too help with.

Thanks ,and wish me luck,

Could you please tell me what GmodRP is?

Slob187 did put a license on the gamemode before he left it undone.
Maybe you should talk to Slob187 before you start working, but I don’t know. GmodRP really needs to be saved by someone. It’s one the best gamemodes ever made. It’s just really sad that Slob187 left it undone with a license.
Well, If you’re a good lua coder I totally support you.
Good Luck! :smile:

Well, uhm… Eh… I could help you with someting. But I’m not the advanced coder tho.

I’m not leaving him out of the credits either. I’ll defiantly contact him on it though.

Guns? The entire point of GmodRP was to be a GM9 style RP with no lethal weapons.

Electricity, and some sort of universal in game clock so you dont have to interfere with irl time, like you meet someone at 8:00pm but that person’s 8:00pm is your 12:00am.

True ,but the fact is if they have a lockpick then were gonna have issues. Having it so you have too go through a quiz/lesson to get guns will be imposed with random generating questions so their not always right.

Why would a lockpick do anything? Your solution is to blow them away if they pick a lock, rather than call cops to arrest them or something similar, if I’m correct

It’s a huge difference between a gun system and a realistic gun system.
I believe that Slob187’s goal with GModRP was to make it realistic, after talking to him a couple of times. It’s not realistic how people can just buy a gun in DarkRP and then DM. A realistic gun system would be more serious.

I honestly liked this one alot. It was much better. I hope too see this get revived. Good luck.

I miss GModRP, I used to run the official server with Slob.
The collapse of the supporting community is probably what caused it to die, as well as Slob187 moving to other projects and going a bit mad :v:.

OP, you’ve managed to post this around the same time I managed to start up my server using this gamemode. Though a good friend of mine edited, fixed, and added parts to the scripts. Also to somewhere above, we kept some credits so hopefully no harm was done.

Just don’t fill it with a bunch of shit, and please make neat vgui.
Keep it simple though.

Actually I was wondering where you ,and snake went. I was hoping I could ask you guys to help out again with videos ,and graphics :smiley:

I was one of the owners of gmodrp and I support this.

I hope this doesn’t die like the original did.

I liked GModRP very much when it was alive. I kept downloading when new updates came. Seriously, don’t let this die.

Don’t add weapons. the point of GModRP was a environment without them.

We’ve started a new community which has moved onto much bigger things than =PB=.


Yes that is a Gmod gamemode :v:, the video doesn’t give it much justice though.

I can give you some code for saving and picking the player model. - Clark