[WIP Release] BF3 Weapon models w/ textures...

So I figured I’d start releasing this crap, these are just some of the weapons I have got sorted out, will update the list when I’ve done others…
(I will also take requests)

Every weapon comes with;
**- 2010, 2011 .max files

  • .3DS file
  • .OBJ file
  • Diffuse, Specular, Normal (and in some cases Gloss)


Recently added;
> M249 w/bipods & elcan
> USAS12 w/ extended mags
> L96 w/ 12x, bipods & suppressor

All the weapons included (So far);

(Doesnt come with camo or Kobra. It is also missing the bolt I have no idea why its not there D:)

Iunno about you but in Chrome when I click the picture it just enlarges the image, you can quote to get at the download links but maybe just throw them in together at the bottom? Or if it’s just the button at the top, same story.

Ill just put the link under the pic for you chrome users

oh also tx bb can u do saw/mk46 4 me pls bb tx

I sure can

Can you please upload those MOH:W models you’ve shown us? Thanks!


M249 with all that you see here…

Jolly good job, Brightside.

I still need to scale it a bit, but oh well it’s a wip.


Oh marry me!

can you get the usas shotgun?



thanks alot! :slight_smile:

Oh lawd, look who’s rating you dumb :Y

Btw, nice weapon compile there.

L96 w/12x and suppressor;


Includes the original tan and my OD re-color :V

Had to take my chance for revenge there, even though I liked it ;D

& Damn that L96 looks wicked

Oh no you made a png appear under my post… Whatever shall I do! ;~;

I don’t suppose you’re still taking requests are you?

did you use the BF3 rigged arms from the other thread?

Wow! Are those animated?

Also, i would like to request the M16A3