[WIP Release] Car Props (Consumer Pack)


For ages I was tired of the vehicle props in Source being abused and recycled over and over, bleeding into the most unfitting scenes and maps to the point of becoming an eyesore simply because that’s all there is to work with. So, probably 2 years ago now I took it upon myself to start making a prop pack to give people a proper and authentic selection of scenery vehicles so that urban scenes look less like these:

http://ccvic.zenfolio.com/img/s2/v51/p737567420-2.jpg[/thumb] [thumb]https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4039/4326799163_8e6c1d038d_b.jpg[/thumb]

…and more like this:


So, after more self-torture and scrutiny than I can possibly explain, here is the result so far:



These first 3 models are all scratch-made by me. Future models will likely be ports hackjobbed and rebuilt wherever possible to fit the standard I set with this preliminary release. (Which is why I took so long getting this right.)
Each model lies around 20k triangles in density so you can get close to them without breaking immersion, but there can still be dozens of them before things start to slow down.
I tried to give these models the best balance of detail, optimization, and features for 3 types of users; filmmakers, scenebuilders, and mappers. Here’s the gist of the features:


  • All models have bodygroups for an occupant, nighttime running lights, and a fake AO shadow. (Useful for keeping convincing lighting without compiling static props into a map.)
  • There are bodygroup options for authentic period-specific license plates from 16 different states & provinces, (registered from 1999-2000).
  • Some models also have bodygroups for alternate trim levels and other features, such as hood guards, roof racks, etc.

(The license plates will later use a small script in GMod to swap between alternate materials with random plate numbers per-vehicle.)



  • These models each have a custom library of skins matching factory color options unique to each model.
    I spent about a year restructuring the material system multiple times to be as light and efficient as possible. It uses several layers of “patch” .vmts and shared textures wherever could be managed.



  • There are embedded animations for the wheels turning at 3 different speeds, to accommodate filming. This is also useful for mappers who want driving traffic props in a map tied to a moving entity.


Models Included:

  • 1995-1999 Pontiac Sunfire Sedan
  • 1996-2000 Plymouth Grand Voyager
  • 1997-1999 Nissan Maxima

**Next up: **

  • 1978-1983 Chevrolet Malibu Wagon
  • 1983-1987 Chevrolet Chevette 4-Door
  • 1982-1984 Dodge Aries Coupe
  • 1989-1992 Ford Ranger
  • 1992-1999 Chevrolet Suburban
  • 1997-2002 Ford Econoline
  • 1999-2002 GMC Sierra


[GMod] http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=438975885
[SFM] http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=441927969
[SFM Dependancies] http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=442284661

I’ve invested a ton of time and love into this pack so far, let me know what you guys think. <3
I’ll include a link to download the raw files too, if anyone wants to test mapping with them.

I’m also going to be dropping a Patreon link on the Workshop page if anyone can spare a dime, because I want to be able to keep making this pack among other things.

I like the late 90s theme running with this pack so far. You did a top notch job on these.

These are some impressive high quality models here. I’m glad to see some more ‘regular’ cars.

This all looks rather brilliant mate. Very nice work here!

Question: Are you planning to do more cars here?

Oh yes, the whole point of the pack initially was to be bulk. (I’m talking around 30-40 eventually in 2 packs. Crazy goal, I know.) I wanted to wait until I had at least 10 cars before I made the first release, but waiting that long is just keeping models out of capable hands.

I really like what you did with the shadows.


Definitely gonna put these to use, great quality.

This Animated Props tool seems interesting, where to get it?


Nevermind, found it. Fucking Workshop.

As for these models, they just look astonishing and makes me believe there is a way of making Source look good. Keep working, I sure will donate some money when I get it.

Good luck.

no longer need to use the rust bucket vehicles of Half-life 2, fantastic hard work on these vehicle props Rush_Freak.

These look amazing, great work on them!

Things like this make me wish I can create models. Anyways, all I can say is that you have done a very great job in actually making these cars and I wish I can donate to you if I have the money. In others words, keep it up.

Wow, these are amazingly realistic! Nice job, I’ll absolutely be using them in the future!

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Meant to ask, is gm_scouts_house still unreleased or?

What about some left-hand drive variants?

holy shit
generic cars, who would have thought something so prevalent in real life would be so uncommon as an addon in this game? great to see i’m not the only one tired of the super/sports car life.

Looks great I love this vehicles :slight_smile:
Just one question what map did you used on this screen? ( http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/31867516680361996/5C61D8155060E5301DCEAF79FDF2D9ACF851ACBB/ )

They seem to show up wireframe, any idea why?

That’s awesome, the effort you put into this shows. And the banner looks like a late 90s stock photo, composition and all. I love it.

Are you sticking to the 90s period, or will you be doing some newer/older generic ‘beater’ types?

Holy shit dude, this is genuinely fantastic. The amount of work on this release is incredible, I cannot state enough how impressive the attention to detail put into these models is. From concept and project goals to execution, you’ve delivered a truly impressive piece of work.

It half makes me want to reinstall some branch of source to take a look at these. I really like how ‘approiate’ they are. Most cars pushed to gmod are gaudy, hard edged, sterilized and overly reflective. These, on the other hand, are true to the source engine artstyle and not offensive to the eye. They’d look great as background props and inconsequential elements of a scene, which, when your peers strive to make their work as obnoxious as possible, is a true compliment.

Great work, I hope to see more!

There seems to be an issue with the SFM Workshop upload, I downloaded the Gmod version and extracted it to SFM which works fine.