Welcome to the WIP/Announcement thread for the highly anticipated HD re-release and re-telling of the original (and classic) GM_The_Man_Eater saga. I am not looking for feedback, this project has been in the works for the past year. This map is my most ambitious yet and when complete will make a great offering to God (the Christian one) (it is based of off (loosely) of my favorite bible story).
GM_The_Man_Eater is a highly advanced Massively Multiplayer Experience with a engrossing story with multiple endings and multiple play styles. THIS IS A CO-OPERATIVE EXPERIENCE, IT IS A HUGE MAP BUT YOU WILL SEE OTHER PLAYERS. You will visit multiple locations from the GM_The_Man_Eater expanded universe (with your friends) and uncover the horrible secrets of a deranged man eating man. THIS MAP IS NOT FOR CHILDREN (VERY VIOLENT DEPICTIONS OF MAN EATING).


  • Dynamic weather
  • Night day cycle
  • Massive map (10 minutes or more to go end to end)
  • Branching Plot lines
  • Side Quests
  • Based on Christian Bible Stories
  • Massive Multi Player
  • Advanced Enemy AI
  • HD textures (1024x1024 and bigger)
  • Cutscenes
  • Voice Acting
  • Hundreds of Unique Locations
  • New Enemies
  • New NPCs
  • New Weapons
  • New Bosses
  • Rouge-like Elements
  • Good Soundtrack (Christian)
  • DLC
  • Real Life Consequences
  • Free2Play (donations welcome)
  • High Speed Download
  • RP Elements
  • Lots of Custom Cars

After stopping The Original Man Eater you have retired to mundane office life working as a wage slave for the Zionist patriarchy. But one day you hear your cell phone ringing and it’s the president with an important mission for you (and your friends). The man eater has created three temples to test your might (and faith), you must complete them and take down The Man Eater (or will you?). Your hot wife begs you to stay home because she doesn’t want little Jimmy to grow up with out a dad (it’s worked out for others in the past though) but a world with The Man Eater isn’t one that you want Jimmy to see. The media has turned everyone against you because it’s ran by non Christians and they know you have good faith. By the end the world should know that Christianity is right and they will all convert (World Peace).


If you are looking for early access and are a YT celebrity let’s player I am looking for YT friends. We can maybe work out an exclusivity deal for you to preview this map on your channel, many people will be watching and have their eyes on you. Plase send me a DM on this forum or on twitter.
In conclusion please get excited you wont know what’s hit you once this map has been released to the public. There will be at least 2 servers running this map 24/7 so don’t worry you will all get to play it. Also keep an eye out for a new kickstarter, I will be raising money for an EVEN BETTER (hard to do) map in the future. Once agian please no feedback this is still a WIP representing 1% of my total work (screenshots are from a VERY EARLY build (to stop spoilers of the important plot)).

I don’t know if anyone here on facepunch does but I’m sure you’ll find some radical Christian channels who would be more than willing to host videos of this.

E. Stormfront, maybe? It seems very anti-Jewish so that could be an idea for you.

I did not mean to come off as anti Semitic, I just wrote this post after I returned from church this mornign and was feeling particularly excited to finally unveil my magnum opus :smile:.

Please distribute this press release to any media outlets you may be connected to. I’m trying to get markiplier to do a vid for me.

Are you sure you didn’t mean for it to come off as anti-semetic because the premise of the story is trying to get the whole world converting for to Christianity to ensure world peace. That and you mention that the protagonist is a wage slave for the Jewish patriarchy and you mention that the media is run by “”"“non-christians”"""".

Come on, it isn’t even subtle.

I’m very sorry for being anti-jew, to any jews reading I really didn’t mean it in that way. This is strictly a fantasy role playing story about The Man Eater and making a 100% peaceful world (you can’t argue that if everyone was one religion there wouldn’t be world peace). I just am inspired by my Christian faith to make a Christian based game because there aren’t many (but there are plenty Jewish inspired games) :smile:. Also the part about being a wage slave applies to the Zionist patriarchy not the Jewish one. That part is based on my actual jew friend and his internal struggles to return to his mother land by pressure of his Zionist parents.

I think a better way to achieve world peace would be by getting other religions to look aside their differences and cooperate to improve their living conditions instead of embarking on a journey reminiscent to the Crusades with the goal to convert every Tom, Dick, and Harry to one religion.

And how is someone being a wage slave “for the Zionist patriarchy” remotely comparable to one of your friends going to Israel.

Religious discussion aside, is there somewhere we can play this map? I know it’s an early build but it looks interesting and it sounds like you’re putting a lot of work into it so I’m very curious about it

In an attempt to get the discussion back on target, I’ve decided to release a Face Punch exclusive screenshot (Please don’t share this anywhere else).

This is an example of one of the many towns in the Man Eater full release. These buildings each have lots of rooms with quest NPCs that will do things like sell you things to maybe even date you (realistic relationship choices).

Is that just a quick compile? Adding a light_environment would make it look better and less “flat”.

You mean to tell me you’ve been sitting on this FP account since 2006, and suddenly come back to post whatever this is?

This is some badage boys level of weird shit right here. The fuck is going on.

For some reason my post history has disappeared along with the original The Man Eater Trilogy maps. If anyone has a back up pls PM me right away.

Here is another preview that is very hot and also FacePunch exclusive:


This HAS to be a troll post. And if it isn’t, I genuinely feel sorry for you OP.

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Whoops, scratch that. This is 100% bait if I’ve ever seen it. Just don’t reply guys - I shouldn’t have either.

I read this at 2AM last night and thought I had a fever dream until just now.


i’ve never seen anything this spectacular in my life.

+1 to you bro if you finish this it’s gonna be legendary. good luck!

If God wanted peace why did he make head crabs?

Oops, accidentally shared facepunch exclusive maps outside facepunch, in game related forums and on 4chan. Sorry :frown:

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Can I have a private beta release of the maps for me btw, despite leaking the facepunch exclusive screenshots?

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Also I believe that the Eastern Orthodox Church is the one and true version of Christianity. With Catholics being a splinter cell of heretics.

I forgive you, I would have posted on that site as well, but they are very anti christian so my pastor told me to not go to there. For one the beta release is not ready yet and for two the map relies on very advanced .LUA scripting algorithms to achieve all of the above listed features. A public beta server will be opening very soon though, as I have been receiving LOTS of PMs asking for a snak preview of the map (PLEASE DON’T PM ME ANY MORE MY INBOX IS ALMOST FULL).

I am at work right now, but here is another very hot screenshot showing one of the MANY custom NPCs that you will face off against. This one here is one of The Man Eater’s deadly chainsaw drones (WATCH OUT).

Forgive me Karas (I’m sorry) for jumping in to your PR work but I feel it is necessary given the feedback we have received. To be short, I am also participating in the development of GM_The_Man_Eater(World_Peace_Mission) and have some screenshots of our latest developments. I believe it would be wrong to leave our development so closed off from our community, please forgive me Karas. I’m so sorry.

Who is anticipating it? Other than presumably being old, what makes it a classic?

You should be. This looks like something made in a week not a year.

Skipping over the weird religious bit. Anyone can start an ambitious project, but if this is all you have after a year of work, I think maybe you should scale back your plans a little.

It sounds like you really don’t understand the limitations of the Source Engine.

Expanded universe? It’s a fucking map.

Oh wow, where to start. Everything you’ve mentioned has one thing in common. It’s not in any of these screenshots. If this is a year’s effort, it could be centuries before this gets finished. Some of the things you’ve mentioned just seem either completely impossible, or possible only by really making everything low detail. Hundreds of Unique locations on a giant map? Either you’ve used your divine inspiration to completely redesign how the Source Engine works, or I’m going to be walking around on a flat plane looking at blocks.

Also Real World Consequences? Is God going to smite me if I spam up chat too much?

Fucks sake I’m just going to leave that paragraph alone

These look really low detail and bad, but I’m not going to offer much mapping advice here, because if you’re really going to try for hundreds of locations, you’re probably going to have to sacrifice detail. In general though, you probably want to add some sort of view obstruction like mountains or dense fog to make your map seem much larger. If you look at HL2 maps, even though they seem large they’re usually condensed into a very small area with your view and travel being obstructed both to make the playing area seem larger and for performance reasons. For example: here’s the entirety of HL2: Ep2


Note that this is several maps stitched together. You won’t have that luxury unless you want to host a different server for every map.

2 Servers? You’re running a “Massively Multiplayer Experience” on 2 servers.

That being said this looks hilarious. Please add me: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkWuulK7A2xq_VIffWQO7Aw

You’ve literally implemented none of the features you listed yet after a year. Please don’t try to profit on this yet.

So if you don’t want feedback and don’t want to spoil anything, why post it?

I have a very very big YouTube channel and I would love to do a let’s play on the map