The original GM_The_Man_Eater map trilogy was released almost 10 years ago and has a very big following that has not left me alone since. I have gotten many requests for a re-release and even some death threats (I got them arrested though). This would have been out sooner, but I had to finish fat camp that my parents sent me too (it didn’t work (LOL)).

There have been many revisions of this map leading up to this exact point in time. All of my mistakes have built up until now and this one is the final ultimate form.

GM_The_Man_Eater universe is full of very deep and very interesting lore that will be told in this re-telling of the famous story. Questions will be answered (and new ones asked??).

Please remember that these screenshots are from a MUCH earlier build than the one that will be released to the public. The map takes almost 5 hours to compile with full detail which makes it very hard for me to take up to date screenshots, but don’t worry it is good.

Are you questioning my faith? I showed my pastor the latest progress today at church and he LOVED IT.

I may have to change a bit of the plot because of the anti-christian feedback. My faith is very important to me, but it is more important that I spread my message through this map. This is an exclusive announcement, but I have decided to add all world religions as a playable class including JEW, MUSLIM, but not AETHIST.

This is probably because HALF-LIFE 2 does not have an ending, GM_The_Man_Eater will actually have a complete story (LOL).

Many of the features are in fact implemented just not pictured (wait for the beta very soon coming out). I am not going to profit from the kickstarter, it is only to help fund development for a future project (I NEED A NEW COMPUTER REALLY BAD (and food)).

You can think of this post as a press release to confirm the rumors are true YES a new GM_The_Man_Eater IS in development and will be here soon.

Thank you for your concern and excitement, I know that this map is much more ambitious and better than most maps but I promise it will be good. :smile:


Fresh screen shot of one of the MANY dynamic world events that could possibly happen to you.

This guy is like sean murray except more cancerous

Seriously dude no offense but this map isnt even that detailed or good, you act like a celebrity that everyone already knows and loves or something.

And shut the fuck up about religion, nobody cares dude.

Be more modest, and know the limitations of the engine you are working with.

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“The zionist patriarchy” lol wtf


Not everyone is a part of your weird church cult

This is why religious indoctornation is cancerous, because you people never question anything or actually decide your own beliefs for yourself, you just shove them on others and blindly accept what your parents and church taught you.

dont get me wrong, im not against christianity or anything, just against assholes who shove it down peoples throats

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Your idea could be cool if you didnt talk about your relgion every too seconds.

Making a game about a bible story is fine, just be more humble and make it more subtle, and maybe add some more detail to your map because its kinda just open fields with the occasional building. You need cover.

I don’t think you understand, he is just the Muse. This map is Meissage from God

Very Excited good luck 2 u.


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Listen to this guy.

If you read my post up above you will see that I have decided to include all world religions as playable classes so that you can work together (or work against each other maybe?).

I already said that I was sorry for being too christian, the plot is no longer christian focused, but I can’t help that it is christian inspired. There will still be some christian imagery in the final product though (It is part of the map already (just do that part with your eyes closed if you don’t like it, speed runners do that sometimes)).

dude your game is straight up about “The zionist patriarchy” and you said you wouldnt include atheists.


Whatever, too be honest I feel like a jerk for berating you so much and Im sorry about that.

I think if you want real helpful feedback I would wait until you have a better version of the game with more of the features you promised to show it here, It sounds like it could be a fun game in the future if you keep developing it. I would just say you should make the game more detailed,make sure your story is good (and not preachy, but natural) and make your themes more subtle.

A good artist leaves the purpose of the piece open to viewer interpretation,and has complex themes inside their art.

Adapt the bible story to a modern (or just a videogame) setting, make us care about the gameplay and characters,** make it fun**, and add detail.

I will actually play this when it comes out as It could be good.

I don’t get it. The white stuff is supposed to be snow (I think), but the trees have perfectly green leaves?

That’s not snow, it’s god powder, jeez. Don’t you know anything?

Got a new facefunch exclusive screenshot guys, and remember… peace be unto muhammad

broo i got more subs then u man

I’m sorry but nice attempt a flame sir. In fairness and in the vein of proper critique, did you spawn those NPCs in-game? I’m sorry but I know that NPC makers and other AI entities can be difficult to work with for some folks so if you need a tutorial just ask. Here is an example of the map utilizing those entities (please excuse me Karas but I assume this is alright):

I use something called a “Rally Point”. You can read more about it here: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Assault_rallypoint

My personal goal on this project is to bring the world to life. When we first started, I was secretly given the callname of “Life Man” for this project. Its all in good fun of course

wow, when should we expect your trailers on your new hot map? I’m very excited for this release.

EVERYONE PLEASE IGNORE HIS IMAGE, MACLMAN IS NOT PART OF THE DEVELOPMENT TEAM. To Maclman: You are banned from ever playing this map, I have already banned you from the beta server, I’m sorry it came to this, but this is too far, you are banned.

I’m glad you asked, a trailer will be release VERY soon :smile:

Lol dude how old are you… just wondering.

I mean that was kinda obvious

Oh no my apologies mate, I thought there was a clear lack of effort in it so it would look like a silly joke but I should of made that more clear.
Terribly sorry to cause any misunderstanding i may have caused to any members of the community, it was a joke screenshot and not an official piece of media or attempt at. :smile:

Leaked screenshot of Zionist God King boss fight

oh my god that boss battle is so anti Christian , what is karas32 trying to convey here. I just don’t understand I was looking for a great RPG battle, but now its spoiled.

please someone put a spoiler tag on that image I am asking you kindly the sergreant stacker.

karas32 can you remake the boss battle into something more friendly for kindle?

Come on now, let’s all stop the hassling and let Karas finish his work. Speaking of Karas, I finally made the promo picture you asked me to do. Is it up to your standards?