[wip] roleplay_(?)

Well eh, it’s a roleplaying map, that I’ve been working on for some time.


  • apartments (with toilets)
  • stores
  • custom soundscapes
  • places to eat and drink
  • underground areas (and subway later on)
  • storages
  • road

small store


silly lamps


apartment in a progress



The inside parts are far too dark. Fix up the lighting and add some effects for them. I can’t see anything for that apartment screenshot. But for the most part, the insides look fairly decent.

Anyways, the map looks ok. Just add some more detail and fix up the lighting. What you got so far is a decent start.

Well adding sprites was on my todo list already but less priority.

Delightfully generic and four or five years late

looks good.

Thank you mr. Constructive commentary.

Hey look, a useful reply. Son, I ought to give you a medal.

This map isn’t all that bad. It needs to be finished and then touched up, of course, but you haven’t played the map yet, now, have you?

You ask, you shall receive.


  1. The wood rural door does not fit this building. Try looking around where you got the store wall textures and see if a door comes with it, I am almost sure there is one.
  2. Add a sign, outside light, trashcan, bench, window signs, and you should be set for the exterior basics.
  3. Add more seats inside, along with a non-subway station tile wall texture, desk contents including a cash register or computer and some papers. Though not required, you could also add some form of vegetation in the building, a floor plant preferably.
  4. The exteriors of the buildings the pic is not focused on specifically are really dull and flat. I can see that the door of the neighboring building is directly above a sloped sidewalk, and could use a step or two. Along with gutters, an outside light, ledges, and a fire escape. (there are fire escape models in cs_assault, and you will have to import models/textures from CS:S)


  1. This building texture does not fit a modern city at all, and the theme of the entire building is inconsistent, especially at the base where the wall suddenly changes. Again, it would be better to use a glass door texture here. I do admire that you used gutters, and a combination of satellite/antenna, plus the window textures fit perfectly.
  2. The building to the right, again, has inconsistent material choices. The foundation and top story textures are meant to be used with a completely different industrial building from the brick texture put to use on stories 2 & 3. There is no use of ledges here either, nor roof contents at the moment. Try adding windows on the roof, along with AC units.


  1. The lighting here is completely off. I wish I could judge the rest of the interior, but the lighting makes that so much harder to do. All of the light model skins are set to on, but there are no light_spot or point_spotlight entities, only the light entity which would be unnecessary with the other two in use.
  2. The ceiling could use some beams, or anything to remove its emptiness.


  1. Again, no use of point_spotlight or light_spot, only light entities.
  2. It seems you did get the TV from CS:S, although it does not really fit the scene. Try the HL2 TV with a small stand.
  3. That bathroom is way too small. I doubt there is a toilet in that, and even if there is, I especially doubt there is a bath or shower in there. Also the textures are simply too dirty.


I can hardly see a thing besides the windows, though they are a good texture choice. The rail texture seems too complex for such a cheaply made building, and the roof is too plain. Also, does it have a plaster wall texture?


Only thing I can really complain about here is the lack of decent lighting. As suggested twice previously, try point_spotlight and light_spot entities simultaneously.


It seems you had the right idea going for the base of this building, I like it. It could use some outside lights, gutters, graffiti, and roof accessories though.

Thank you for this, allthrough I do use light_spot on the every single light source, but I guess there is too much fade-off, which makes them meaningless.

The composition of the buildings is pretty unrealistic. Real buildings (especially the kind that would be textured like this) are not just cubes covered in windows.

also, try more variations in your light colours. really light blue and yellow are a good start (do not over do the colour!)

Well I could think of light green and orange.

Most of the buildings are in progress more or less. There will be more than just cubes.