WIP Rp_City01

I’ve been working on this map for 1 hour and I have some building prefabs so theres some pics (sorry there in hammer)

ok hm… anyoing the Hotel i got in my map the man that made rp_downloadv3 ive ask him if i cude get it garage too lol



Umm, you are wrong, he had spelt it right in the first place!

They’re means they are, There’s means there is which is exactly what word should of been used, why bother posting that anyway, its not as if you even said anything about his map hes working on!

Nice map man, I too am building a town map and its quite hard, cant wait to see the finished version! :slight_smile:

For larger pics, just click anywhere in the camera view, then press SHIFT+Z, and then take a screenshot, to go back to the normal view, press SHIFT+Z again.

From what I see, it looks… bad.

Umm, you are wrong. It is they’re. And about the map… Good luck it looks like it will be cool.

gahhh who f***ing cares about how who spelled what. I believe the important thing here is the map. I am sure the thread creator doesnt care for this grammer argument either. good start… dont use models though

“They’re” means “They Are”, “They are some new pics”. I hate it when someone corrects someone wrong, espcially when someone agrees with him. One word - Dumbass.

^It’s “grammar” not “grammer”. =P^

Ok I missed the last part in the brackets, no need to hurl the insults!

Links aren’t working, but great map idea!

Generally, the links in 5 year old threads don’t work.

How the hell did you even find this thread? I mean, it’s five fucking years old!

First your tutorials, now bumps.

goddamnit philip.

Guys, this thread is dead…

Why does 3klicksphillip always have to bring up dead maps, it really anoy’s me!

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You do know that posting /posting or /thread doesn’t mean anything, right?

Also, how the fuck do you spell “humour-ess/us”?


Bump to complain about bump!

Sip, snip, snip!

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It’s times like this I want to say “That’s backseat moderating,” but I can’t because then I’ll be banned for backseat moderating. Can I be banned for predicting my own bans? Or does this create some sort of strange and twisted chain that never ends?

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I think we should let the thread die guys.

Predicting a ban then doing the action anyway actually leads to a permaban because the mod knows you know it’s wrong.

Why? This is great fun!