WIP - RP_Neustadt


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RP_Neustadt is meant to be the successor of RP_Littletown. It’s architecture is of european style around 1900. A mixture of industrial buildings and apartment buildings with shops will give a good base for roleplaying on this map. As on Littletown, the setting is a bright, warm summer day. Around the main plaza/park the city hall, the police station and the bank can be found.

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Things to Discuss with you (the community!):**
currently nothing

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Click for full scale!


City Hall:
http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2016-08-03_01.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2016-07-17_07.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2016-04-22_10.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2016-04-22_14.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2016-04-22_12.jpg

http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2015-10-27_02.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2015-10-27_04.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2015-10-27_05.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2015-10-27_06.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2015-10-28_03.jpg

Police Department:
http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2015-10-17_01.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2015-10-17_08.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2015-10-17_04.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2015-10-17_05.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2015-10-17_07.jpg

http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2015-10-28_01.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2015-07-08_02.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2015-10-27_01.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2015-08-04_03.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2015-06-28_01.jpg

http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2015-06-25_01.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2015-06-26_01.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2015-06-26_02.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2015-06-26_03.jpg

Power plant:
http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2016-08-13_01.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2016-08-13_03.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2016-08-12_04.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2015-11-04_06.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2015-11-07_09.jpg

Industrial concept:
http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_20130906_2.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_20130906_5.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_20130909_1.jpg

Most pictures reflect a work-in-progress state.

Please tell me anything you want to criticize! I don’t need too much praise since it doesn’t help to improve the map.

Take a look on the section “Things to Discuss” to help me with current design decisions! (see top of post)

cityhall looks great!

Skotty has been looking for critique on the map, just praise won’t help. :v:

Sorry i could not resist. It looks just so nice.

small layout looks good, you should use that one

Simply gorgeous just like Littletown. Huge fan of your work!

I prefer the larger layout. It seems more appealing when it’s spread out a little more.

The problem might be the size. If you have just a 20 players server, the large layout could be too large. People could feel lost. In game it looks really bigger than on the overview pictures (thats why I added pictures of the streets themselves).

I feel like if you made the buildings that are the “entrance” to the extended industrial area very distinct, players wouldn’t have a problem telling apart the districts around the map.

I’d hate to compare to Downtown, but each area had its own significant style.

As you can maybe imagine from the overview pictures, I plan to add each “district” with it’s own style. The center is consisting out mainly of apartment buildings and a wide street. The top left part will be bigger warehouses and industrial stuff. The top right part will have a lot of smaller buildings, a mixture of small industrial and small apartment buildings. The south will have representative looking buildings. All the official stuff like a bank, city hall, police station and hospital. And then there is the big park.

In that case, I wouldn’t see too many players being confused if every place is easily distinguishable and has a main pathway that runs through it. I’d say go for the larger layout.

I personally like large maps, as it allows for more unique bases and as well as more in amount. Also, AI nodes would be nice if you could, it’s fine if you don’t want to.

rp_littletown was a great map, but the main complaints were lack of usable buildings - buildings you could go inside and use for bases, the map being far too bright, as well as loud/annoying ambient sounds. So I would like to see these fixed if possible.

Anyways, your work on rp_littletown as great, absolutely beautiful. I am excited to see this map as well. It looks great so far.

Looks very good. Criticism eh… Add a lot of nasty narrow alleys(=/= tunnel) or courtyards please.

protip: if you want the majority to notice this, name it downtown_v9_neustadt, maybe they won’t notice anything strange

Looking very good Skotty! I’d say go with the larger map but with districting, so that smaller servers will be able to use it, and say if they don’t have enough players to occupy the whole map, they could just use some districts.

I really like the older style architecture, but could you maybe implement a slummy district of town, one that has lost its historical background and been taken over a bit by the crime syndicates of the town. This could allow for RP criminal basing and hobo buildings, while the other side of town would be more for wealthier merchants (salesmen, doctors, etc.) , law enforcement, and other such jobs.

Large roadways would be nice on the main parts of the city, but as you near into the industrial and slummy parts, the roads could become more narrow, and more points of ambush could be added so that the criminal jobs of the map would be able to use that as chokepoints in their strongholds.

Multiple entrances and exits on buildings would be wonderful, if it is easy for you.

Overall, it’s looking wonderful, and I am very excited to see this map come out.

As said previously, the lightning was too bright, maybe you could do a version where the weather isnt so sunny? IMO the map felt way too ‘perfect’ and cheerful. The lightning just made it feel like teletubbyland, and in a way, pretty dull. This map looks like that aswell.

i hope this map has the little ‘homey’ charm littletown had

As on Littletown I will add them here as well, to enable every option of use.

So far I am planning the map to be more divided, but without hard transitions. There is already a place for the slums and old/broken buildings planned. Road width will be similar everywhere on the map. While around the main block you will have a rather wide street, it will be a bit more narrow the more you come into the north of the map.

I understand your point. So far I haven’t decided what kind of style I want to give this map. More friendly as on Littletown is not possible, since those narrow streets don’t allow many trees to be placed in. It might get more urban and also another lighting.

Since a long time I came back to Neustadt and started changing and finalizing the layout. Nearly all apartment building concepts are done.
Today I finished three prototype buildings and started interior design in one of them.

http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2015-06-24_04.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2015-06-24_05.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2015-06-24_06.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2015-06-24_07.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2015-06-24_08.jpg http://erikszeug.de/files/?img=GarrysMod/Maps/WIP/RP_Neustadt/RP_Neustadt_2015-06-24_09.jpg

Just some CC, I think you should vary the window models for each building because at the moment it seems like hundreds of the same model

Looks great thus far, like something out of a Marklin set.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks. Currently most windows are placeholders to give buildings a rough shape. In the future I will add some slight variations, but usually they don’t differ too much. Still, subtile changes could be enough.