[WIP] rp_rapture_kashmir

**Hi, **

I’m sorry for my bad english but i’m french…

I’ll show you a map under development, as you will surely understand all rapture takes place.
It will be a deathmatch map, after this short presentation will follow the images, so you have an idea in mind.
If you do not know yet, rapture is an underwater city and Kashmir is one of rapture restaurants, this map may well serve as Role-Play.

**PS : This is my FIRST map. **






PS² : Half Life ² doesn’t show all props of my map.

Not bad, texture alignment and lighting need work, though.

Also, where’d you get those textures? They don’t seem to have proper normals/specs like mine did.

for a first map this is great. work on your textures (lots of misalignments) and tweak your lighting and it’ll look much better. your brushwork is really good.

It’s a great idea, keep at it.

Oh yes a rapture map.

Looks really good, very W.I.P but still very good.

** - Add more pictures.**

Pretty good, but like Not Exactly said, your lighting needs work. It’s way too intense at the moment.

I was making a Rapture map a while back OP and this is how I lit it, and how the textures look with proper normal and spec maps, just for reference.

You might want to mix up the colour for the lighting as it’s a bit uniform and maybe get experimental with shadows for mood.

I always wanted to see how much I learned since 2013. Well here is the result:

Looking awesome.