WIP rp_suburbs

rp_suburbs. [The map is being re-named to rp_cityofindustry]This map is going to be designed for efficient roleplaying for use in DarkRP and Tacoscript.

The maps theme is a once small town, that has been over run by gangs, and industry. I am changing the name to rp_cityofindustry. [and im not making the map after the city of industry in southern california]

The map will feature multiple buildings for shops, resturants, hotels, apartments and houses.
The map will include the following buildings made for a specific kind of buisiness. They are listed below

-Gun shop [with buttons for weapons spawning.]
-Car Dealership
-A Nexus [A police station]
-A school
-A Hotel
-A gas station
-A Furniture Store
-A Bank
-A doctors office \ hospital
and a few more that Im not willing to announce quite yet.
Also, Please dont leave rude comments, really. This is my first map, ever, I am making the map as I learn more about mapping. Also, this is sorta the concept art of the map, kinda, im just laying it out for now, then, once im done with that im gonna go back and work in a ton of details.

The map is very early in development, so for now I can only post a screenshot of the gun shop. [Please note that I am still working on the lighting, I know its dark, Please dont leave rude comments]

New gunshop, Updated. Still being worked on.


-Has lighting

-Bad choice of textures. Try creating your own.
-Boring Lighting

I would suggest becoming a better mapper before attempting an rp map.

textures are bullshit. Change them. I mean like combine metal texture + wood texture? Wtf?

Lmfao why even copyright this, who the hell would even waste time trying to remake it?

hahaha you’re copyingrighting this

I thought that the gunshop was laid out badly, I removed the building and I am working on a new one.

The entire map is laid out badly from the images, become a better mapper, then attempt a roleplay map.


Extract from freewebs site: “if you take any credit for the work, you are breaking the United States copyright law, and are subject to legal consequences.”

Mhhm, no we’re not. In fact you wouldn’t even be able to copyright any of this because Valve created the engine in the first place.

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