[WIP] S&Box Lua Layer - SandboxLua

I’m working on building out a Lua layer for the C# API for S&Box GitHub - TylerJaacks/SandboxLua: Run Lua in S&Box so you can developer S&Box addons with lua or include lua scripting in your addon. Very much work in progress I don’t have any APIs worked out. I’m using GitHub - frabert/NetLua: Completely managed .NET Lua and GitHub - IronyProject/Irony: Irony — .NET Language Implementation Kit to support the Lua VM as I didn’t want to spend the time to write one out maybe in the future I will write my own implementation but first I want to support as many APIs as possible. I will in the future document the ways of adding more S&Box APIs so if the community wants to add some they can. I also want to add a tool in the future so that I can just run it against the Sandbox dlls and autogenerate the bindings but I will have to wait for access to do that for now I will be manually making bindings and working with the community to add more.


But why?

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Because I wanted to


The best reason. Boredom and skill is what produce the most interesting stuff!