WIP:s mostly war vehicles and something else

First thread, be nice, flame/troll all you want.

Since I’ve tried to create this thread 3 times, you get pictures and you get to guess whats on them.

Attack helicopter



Tank (yes their over done with)


Off road buggy with way to big wheels






They are all more or less work in progress, submarine is near done and I just have to download fin tool to get the helicopter right in single player. Rate/hate and see you guys soon.


hrm hrm just saw that I had the same pic of the helicopter… fixing

Nice job, I like the chopper the best. :slight_smile:

Oh, that’s some impressive stuff you’ve got there.

Although, I’m not a big fan of the landing gears on the Me-109. :wink:


We get along fine don’t we…fucking homp. <— hey look at that I’m stupid.


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Kinda thought the helicopter had a little bit of camouflage on the road.

I love it all. The heli looks like a KA50 and an MI28 havoc

I shat bricks.

Great work dude, gold star for you.

Nice, but what are those weird things on the tank, between the barrel and the rest of it?

And i’m not big fan of using ropes as things to fill up holes and stuff…

I love your submarine! But it looks small?

That’s my shit graph card i think, I mean I think it’s just me needing to update my drive routine on the graph.

Now I don’t have any idea of what the hell to make…? Ideas suggestions?

I like the plane.

Dude why are you such an asshole, you flamed him when he said your stuff was good…

He’s a friend of mine, and I complained about those landing gears a couple of times before he posted them here.

At least I think that’s why he’s such an asshole. :smiley:

Nice contraptions. The only problems are the landing gear struts on the plane. Needs a thicker prop. Try the vehicle barrier pole. it’s the one that kind of looks like a barber shop pole. If the wheels don’t want to line up then no collide a soda can into the end and weld it.

Still got him banned. :\


Slow loading pictures are

. :frowning:

I like it all, except for the fact that the Me109 doesn’t look entirely like an Me109, but noone can be perfect. Well done. My favourite has gotta be the helicopter. Looks kinda like a KA-50 (What’s with all the KA-50s lately?)

Great job, the ME108 is the best in my opinion…

If it flies that is :smiley:

That’s because it is the sexiest helicopter ever made. :excited:


My favorite is the Off-road Buggy. :smiley:

Well, thanks for the good comments guys, I might update all these (most of em) with videos when I get home.

But first I have to finnish of my latest project, a MI-28 Havoc (thanks for the idea Karbine)

I was about 10 minutes away from finishing the thing when I had to go, so out with remover and the whole thing was gone.

Your heli looks like Edberg’s heli?