Before we get into ANYTHING, I would like to clarify that this is a heavy inspiration off of Mass Effect. I do not own the Mass Effect Models, Regular Models, Maps, SWEPS, Gamemode, Etc. I just use them for the RP.

Now that thats over,

Welcome to DARK TIDES

Oh Hai Der, My name is Remi. I am a guy with 5 years of RP experience. I like to RP as much as I can, on servers I like. (I am very picky.) Nowadays, All I see is Male_07s and stuff, and Im sick of that. I want


I will not stand for this. I want Variation in between characters. I dont want the same civvie stuff until you are a highly experienced person on a server. So, I took it to heart that I will make a server with the highest amount of customization possible.

The year is 2163, and a huge war is happening in between three factions.
The Common wealth, Sick with greed and power, has their eyes on a galaxy, and they want to control it even if it means destroying the whole faction.
The Tasho Militia, are a group of soldiers, human, or alien, who want to save the galaxy from the Common Wealth, no matter what the cost.
And the Necrosis. A once harmless disease now a infection upon many planets, wants their black shadow upon the whole Universe. But they must restart their oppression here.

You (The Player) are a new recruit in the Commonwealth, fresh off the transport. You can make a choice later on, if you want the infection, or to save the galaxy from what you wanted to be. Or you can stay.


Before doing anything, I need support. Add me on steam and we can talk.
Look up nate909719
or /.remi

“oh hai der”


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My guess is OP is ideas guy

Wouldn’t this go in gamemodes? :\

Also, don’t think anybody is going to code this for free; hope you have some money