WIP Shadow Of The Colossus Textures

I’m making shadow of the colossus textures. For what purpose even I don’t know…




Yes, the dividing lines are too dark, and the bricks need some chipping away/decay to them. I also want to make versions with grass seeping in, and a second decal of Dormin’s symbol as a stone relief (the one you see on the altar header is actually part of the stone texture.)

Note: I did not actually draw the drawings on the sides of the blocks (yet…) I borrowed a reference sketch from the “big secret” thread and put it through some gimp filters to give it a stoney look.

So, when I release these, what would you use them for?

I hope to god you make more and release these, I’d use them for my map. They look exactly like Lineage 2’s Cruma Tower textures.





I’m using the normalmap plugin for GIMP. For source, do I have to invert the X or Y axes, I wonder?

Almost done.

This one wants.

Almost done…




why are they so pixelated and ugly? the normal maps dont look good either.
Try another light setting to see if they actually work at all.

I agree if they are to be ported to a first person perspective they need to be made higher def, but a great port nonetheless.

The normal maps in that picture look like garbage because I’m just starting out using the Gimp plugin, and I had the x and y axes reversed so the shadows actually face toward the light. It’s an experiment.

The light I was using was the “window” lamplight in gmod, and it was really close to the wall… So, does anyone using the Gimp Normalmap Plugin know how to make my normalmaps look less ugly?

Edit: [del]Oh, maybe I set the height too high (I set it to 4), so it’s showing up too contrasty.[/del]

I think I fixed it. I un-inverted the x and y axes and changed the light source in gmod to a flashlight lamp.




Much better. Looking sexy now.

Released: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=870016

Hot shit I could use these fuckers!