WIP: Slender SZ

SlenderMan SNPC

I’ve done “SlenderMan” a Slender SNPC spawning n pages to be collected. It took a while to get out all possible bugs and to improve it very much. And everything was just possible because of all the previous addons (like “The Weeping Angels” from Mr. Blue or “Slenderman SNPC” from PirateCatty).

I just wanted to make a

See kinda introduction video here:


-Convar “SZ_pg_cnt” changes the number of pages which have to be collected
-All the pages have to be taken up remove the Slenderman
-Pages can be collected by all players in the game
-Death makes a player loose all their pages (will be respawned then)
-Edited/modulated background music

-The pages sometimes are very near by on the map (like on the same wall)
-If looking at Slendy from a very few distance might not affect the player
-Slendy is sometimes standing halfway inside the wall


Coding, tuning and development:

LegendaryPeelz “Slender Man+Pages

Parsec Production (hopefully)

Special thanks:

Code Inspiration:

Concept Inspiration:
Parsec Production

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Sorry - it should be in the link now!
(anyway my first thread)

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Fixed (at least for the link)

why are you making it sound like we know nothing about Garry’s Mod?

OK sorry I will do a better video soon, resize the screenshot and may also start a hole new thread or just sgnificantly change this one later.

Because it doesn’t seem to be very good for the moment.

(By the way: Maybe give me a tip plz :rolleyes:)

I was referring to all of this, you are saying you “Programmed all of this in LUA,” and we obviously all know what Lua is if we are in gamemode / addon releases.

The screenshots are not very good. They just look like a blurry mess with terrible filtering.

I am struggling to figure out if they are intentional or not :v:

Of cause you know that, but maybe there are also other ways to script an addon for Garry’s Mod?

Are you sure there is no? - IDK…

TBH, I think Slenderman has gotten old since Slender came out. Come on-- aren’t there more original things to make gamemodes out of?