WIP: Some underground settlement(s)

So here I’ve started work on what is to be an underground, well er, village I guess you could call it. In the end it can prolly be used for Post Apocalyptic RP, or just general rp. Anyways… Here are some pics of my progress thus far.


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Second Entrance


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Scanner, sorta, if someone could tell me how to make that laser move up and down and then stop in the middle, that’s be appreciated, I’m guessing I’d just use Func_Tanktrain or something

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A little security office


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Lift, I’m thinking about making the way down longer, but we’ll see what happens


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part of the settlement

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more of the settlement

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Shanty settlement within the sewers


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and this is where I’ve come to a stop, of course I’m going to go back and add more detail, but I’m making the basic layout as of now

Sooo what does everyone think, comments and constructive criticism are much appreciated.

Seems promising, but there isn’t much to go off of to really say something. Maybe some screenshots of the underground area? Unless you haven’t really made that yet…

I guess you could/should detail the desert area more, like adding debris and fallen building and such so it isn’t just one big area of sand.and fix that door frame in the picture, it just doesn’t look that good with the hole in it. Anyway, just keep at it, and good luck.

For the laser, parent a laser to func_tracktrain and go from there.

Not bad start, but some of the windows are an odd shape. Much of the bunker would benefit from door and window frames, and the lighting could be a less white.

If you want referance images, see if yo can find images of the underground town in the uk. It was built during the cold war as a shelter for the govt and their families.

That sounds really neat, I will take a look at that, also, I think I’m just going to make the entrance inside of a building, and rid the shack. And when you say the lighting is a bit white, should i add a yellowish tint to simulate flourescent lighting, or what? also what windows are oddly shaped other than the yellow one?

Just the yellow one.

Flourescent should be a light yellow, dirty it up for dingy envions.

Looks a bit dull, but otherwise quite nice

Your brushwork is pretty good in some areas but horrendous in others.

For instance, these are pretty good:


These though are bland and need significant more detail and lighting changes.

that was rude, demon dog

He does have a point

no he doesnt

4:41 AM - Demon Dog: samp is on a completely different engine with completely different rendering styles and systems

no itsa not.


Just an elaboration on what I mentioned.

You seem to have joined here to post those two replies. Demondog is being constructive.

Yea dude, I agree with the guy giving the criticism, its fine considering its a WIP, don’t you understand that? haha

Lol not you iron phoenix.