[WIP] Space marine missile launcher

Wrong section!! Can a mod please move?

Update: Here is what im up to as of about 12 hours ago - all I need to place now is the trigger and all the wires and raised sections on the barrel, then I need to go back and make everything less shit.


Im currently modelling a space marine missile launcher for use as a swep that i am learning to code.

This is the first time i’ve seriously attempted to model anything properly before, and I have modelled something only 2 times before in my life (some swords and stuff for a private server a looong time ago)

here is what i have so far


here is what it is (hopefully) going to look like, to some degree


And before anyone asks, no those are not the final textures, they are place holders.

looks great so far

would be awesome if this was released as a swep