WIP SpaceBuild 'DarkAura' Model Pack

Hi there,

I’ve not posted on Facepunch in many years, but i’ve recently been working on my own custom package of models intended for use with the SpaceBuild addon. It’s still a work in progress but i’m intending to release it to the community when it’s ready.

I have plans for the following items in the package:

  • Basic corridoors, entrances and exits with window and windowless variations.
  • Hangar bays and observation platforms etc.
  • Operational doors suited to the style of the art.

I’m open to any suggestions and i hope that people can give some constructive feedback. The models aren’t intended to look amazing or be highly detailed, i made both the textures and models all from scratch.


They look great!
I really want to try SpaceBuild again, but i haven’t played since the first few versions years ago where you had to install a million different things and it would always crash.
Is there a new cleaner version out now which is more stable/easy to use? I really dont want to read through 5 years worth of threads to catch up…

can we get a wireframe on these bitches

You should probably at least try to make some conversion pieces for the SBEP parts, since so many people use those.

are you going to make some conversion parts, like to go from yours to say… sbmp?

Edit: random letters didnt see 16 min ninja >.>

yea this would be great… anyway nice job… keep up working we are w8ing for release :slight_smile:

Stop all the SBEP hate. I think you should actually contact hysteria / slyfo and see if you can incorporate these into it.

They don’t necessarily need converters; I think they look great as they are. I’m excited to see how they turn out once you’re finished!

EDIT: How big are they in relation to a player?

They sure do look great by themselves, but the option of using converters to mix and match is always a bonus… =)

What hate? Why can’t he make his own models for space? You don’t have to use SBEP you know. If I were him I wouldn’t incorporate it into SBEP. There just going to be buried deep and die like other good ideas.

PHX? A compilation of all general construction packs , so players don’t have to scrounge around for loads of different downloads , whereas PHX has them all in a single pack.
The SBEP Members are also amazing at LUA so he can expect some sweet coding going on.

Please, PHX is just a basic requirement these days. Reason why I have it is because most servers do and I rather not have Errors. I use vanilla/Tiled props more than anything else.

Also SBEP has become a bloated mess (There is such thing as too much). There are a good number of model ideas that had good support but just died and became buried within that mess. Organic Bridge, SlyFo Walls, Kriegsheild Base (might have misspelled it), etc.

No offence, but your posts don’t seem to make much sense sometimes…nobody mentioned anything about hating SBEP in this thread. Also, what does PHX have to do with any of this?

This is a good idea, and they look nice. I think some parts should have fluorescent lights with self illum or something, though.

Organic bridge has been removed, and the ground-based stuff has been moved to its own SVN. We’re optimising as best we can.

Thanks for all the feedback guys. The models are going well and i do plan on having my own set completely standalone. But once released i’m open to having them in the spacebuild pack.

In reply to the question as to how big these are in relation to the player, they are 128 units wide and tall, which is the standard HL2 room height.

I’ve currently ran into some problems related to collision though. I’ve never imported models into HL2 before so this was a learning experience. My problem is, I can’t seem to fix the collision so that i can actually walk inside. I’ve been using Sketchup to make and import the models (Using Valves official SMD exporter). Everything looks fantastic but the collision problems have made me halt progress.

I’ve spent several hours trying to sort it out but i guess it really would help if someone who’s imported models before could give me a guiding hand. Any help is greatly appreciated because i love modelling and texturing and would love to have some really nice looking props for Garry’s Mod.


Can you post one of your .qc files? You might be missing the $concave parameter.

That comment?

Is that why all the SBEP hate started in the first place?

Because from that comment I think that you all loved SBEP (Or SBMP depending when you were around) once, but when an idea you suggested wasn’t like, didn’t make it in or even ridiculed by the development team, you suddenly hated it.

Now all of the SBEP “Haters” are supporting this pack only so they can get their hopes up that their ideas some how make it into this pack in the future.

Anyways, the picture looks good.

But, your basically trying to make what already exists…

With the SBEP fully developed now and a Brand New design update coming within months…

It’s a pretty futile attempt at this point. But, i’m interested in seeing the outcome.

The only thing changed is a slight structual difference and the skin (From the picture).
Which is admittidly better than a couple of the ones in the SBEP.

The design… really looks a lot like smallbridge.

Just because it’s not too original, it’s a good start I guess for this.

(Back then the SBMP props didn’t even have “real” textures)

But still, Moreto is kind of right…

But i’m not trying to make myself sound like an SBEP Fanboy (because i’m not. I’m just making opinions based off of what is trying to be formed and what already exists etc…)

I am being open minded about both this and SBEP, as well as other supporting projects…