[WIP] Special Effects prop pack

I’m working on a pack of effect props for pictures made in Gmod/SFM with the help of BlooCobolt.

The idea behind this was to create a set of props of the kinds of effects that people usually have to edit into their pictures, such as fire, explosions, muzzle flashes, rain, and blood.





Other types of effects I have planned for the pack are tracer shots, “hitsparks” (Like the kind you see in more fighting games), and motion swishes.

angel natavi requested I put this here:

Woah, woah, woah, woah… Are these animated?

No, and that’s the point, actually. A big part of the reason why I’m making these is because of me getting tired of using Gmod’s emitters to get the effects I wanted. My rig is okay for the most part, but when you have several emitters going off at once it can get laggy. Why waste the extra memory on something that isn’t going to be animated in the final product, a picture? Why not just have a still image of something that I can simply pose in instead?

this is actually pretty cool. some Metro: Last Light style smoke effects would be really really good if that’s doable

I’d love to get my hands on that blood effect. Specifically, to animate it using morphs or maybe bones for SFM.

Well, they are pretty high quality, though they would be useful in making posters. I just meant that since I’m trying to make SFM vids

Here is an example

If I may ask, can these effects come from other games? I’m hoping to find some good “magic” effects from RPGs like Elder Scrolls and Dark Souls with their Abyss/Hex Magic and all that.

Smoke is going to be difficult, but I’ll see what I can do.

I’ll release my files once the pack is out. That should help those who want to animate them.

My plan was to make original, custom ones. These will be all-original.

But thanks for the idea, Magical effects sound like something great to include as well! Can you provide some footage/screenshots of said effects for inspiration?

Here’s a few to start off:

Gwyn’s Lord Soul of Light

Shard’s of a Lord Soul/basic soul

Manus’ Dark Soul



Lord Soul

Basic Souls



http://www.gamebanshee.com/images/sobipro/entries/1964/gallery_27_1964_img.jpg[/t] [t]http://i.ytimg.com/vi/H1d-qH_4PL0/maxresdefault.jpg[/t]
Healing Miracle
Demon’s Souls Soul Ray

Sorry about the image spam. Should be enough for now. Couldn’t find much Elder Scroll Spells that I was hoping to find. Maybe I just have “Souls” in my brain. :v: Let me know if you want any more images for inspiration. I tend to find a few unnoticeables.

I can definetley do those magic circle things. I know a guy who can design those types of things really well, I’ll talk to him about adding them to the pack.

Cool. Oh, and while I have this in my brain…

I can’t start a possible TF/sci-fi video without purple lasers. PM me if you would like some more pics.

I will definetley make some lasers, but I will make them colorable so people can make them green or blue, too.

Also, here’s a WIP shot of the magic circle. It will come with several alternate skins. This one in particular was done by a friend of mine on DeviantArt called Azerik92, he’s got a whole bunch of these kinds of arrays he’s done, so I’ll be including a couple of them. I already have permission from him to use them!


There’s a small collection of effects from Super Smash Bros. Brawl that might be useful for the pack over at models-resource. I’m not sure how many of them would be of use to the pack, but I think some of Marth and Ike’s effects might be of use to some people.

As I said, I’m not porting anything, all of these will be original content.

That being said, it’s a bit of a learning experience for me, as it means I’m having to figure out and learn HOW to make this stuff. The Muzzleflash and the Blood spurts, for example, I figured out how to make those on the fly.

Apologies, I missed that post. I was making my post before that one came up, but I forgot to submit it before I went AFK earlier. I guess I should refresh the page more often whenever I get back from being AFK. :v:

Still though, more variations of the magic circles wouldn’t hurt; that’s the reason I made those suggestions. The only other suggestion I can think of at the moment would be something like a ghostly sword. That should be fairly easy to make; it’s mostly just a generic sword model with that one shadow effect that CaptainBigButt managed to come across applied to it, which I think might be useful.

I’ve already got 7 different types of magic circle designs as alt. skins. All of them will be white so that users can use the color tool on them.

As for the “Ghostly Sword”, that sounds more like an actual sword prop instead of a “Special Effect” such as an explosion, etc.

Speaking of explosions, whoo damn it looks like making an explosion prop is going to be tough.

EDIT: Have a WIP shot of the motion swish effects.


I wasn’t aware of that. Seven variations actually makes for a good collection.

After further thought on that idea, I have to agree that it really does seem like it would be more of a prop than an actual effect. Scratch that idea then, I’ll have to think of something else that might be of better use as an effect.

weapon smoke would be cool as fuck

hardcore boner rn


Come instantly to mind.

I wish you luck on this one, as a guy who loves to make gmod pics, yea there’s really a lack of special effects if you’re the type of person who can’t photoshop very well